My dirty mouth got me in trouble

How did you fair with the dirty talk, mamas (and dads)? I do hope you’ll share – either in a blog post or in the comments. Remember that if you want to be entered in the big grand prize drawing, you need to update your blog at least twice during the month.

So today (Challenge #22) you get to tie someone up, which, at least in my book, is something to look forward to. You don’t often get this opportunity (I hope), so enjoy.

Challenge #23: Be a Tease is a highly underrated skill, and one that parents (and married couples) tend to lose. Teasing usually happens during the “chase” phase of a relationship, and when you’ve been together for awhile, it tends to be the first thing that goes.

So, I want you to revive your teasing skills. I know you’ve got it in you. Look back over the last 22 days that we’ve been doing this Sexual Resolution and put them into action.


Flash your thong.

Show your assets.

Accidentally spill out of your bra.

Even a good look, a soft touch in just the right place, or a firm grab is all you need. But be playful, be sexy, and don’t give in right away.

Make him (or her) work for it. Make them want you. Badly.

(Don’t forget the Mominatrix book signing tomorrow, Atlanta moms and dads! And if you’re just joining the Sexual Resolution, welcome! Hop on board and enjoy the ride).