Word of mouth

So what lovely tricks did you use your mouth for last night, pretties?

Well, don’t clean them off (figuratively speaking that is), because today’s Challenge #21 still has you using your mouth in a naughty way.

Oh, I’ve been waiting so very long for Challenge #22: Tie Me Up.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re heavily into BDSM or not, the idea of domination and submission can be pretty sexy. Of course, there are various ways to practice such things, and I’ll let you do a bit of exploring of that on your very own, but today’s challenge is simple – somebody get’s tied up.


You may certainly use handcuffs, and you can find the excerpt on some of my tips from that section in the Mominatrix book over at Mommy Track’d.

But if you don’t have a pair of sexy handcuffs just laying around your house, then you can always use pantyhose, socks, or rope (heh) – or whatever else you have that might work

If you want to purchase the appropriate supplies for this (You can use code “MOMINATRIX” for 15% off at Eden Fantasys), then feel free to do that today and save this actual challenge for when you’ve got your cuffs or Just make sure you have the person’s permission (or hey, maybe you want to be tied up).

And be creative. You don’t just have to tie someone’s appendages to the bedposts. Keeping legs or arms free can be fun. Add a blindfold and feather duster, or candles and hot wax if you’re feeling extra naughty. And tie them on on their stomach.

There’s just soooo many options. And really, none of them have to be too kinky if you don’t want them to be.

But if you do, well have at it.

And if you’re a single someone, then there are plenty of BDSM things you can do to yourself. Just be careful.

If you’ve got any tips on what to use to tie someone up for sexual play, or what you can do to them (or have done to you), then feel free to share.