Who’s the boss?

You gotta love bossing someone around, huh? Well, other than your kids, anyway.

So, Challenge #20 should be a mouthful of fun today (heh). It’s amazing how sensual the mouth can be. In fact, my husband sold me by his kisses.

Also, you still have time to enter the Eden Fantasys giveaway!

Challenge #21: Talk Dirty to Me is one of my favorites.


Now it’s super easy to get stuck in a rut.

Right there. Fuck me. I’m coming. Bla bla bla.

I do have to say that my husband is a great dirty talker. I just try not to think about how he acquired those skills.

If you need some hints on talking dirty, you can check out my Mominatrix column. It also helps to watch some porn and read some erotic romance novels. And you can tweak your skills by doing a little sexting, phone sex, or IM sex as well.

And you can also use a few simple “formulas” to get you started, most of which just involve telling your partner what you want or how what he/she is doing feels. Hey! It’s like Mad Libs: Dirty Talk Edition.

1. I want you to ______ my ______.

2. You feel so _______.

3. _______ my _______. (or I want to ______ your ______).

Now, those are very basic, but they’ll get you started. Feel free to leave your favorite lines in the comments.