Head of the class

So while I’m a fan of porn, I don’t tend to watch it that often. So for Challenge #18, I’m going to give our DirectTV a little workout and find something that doesn’t look too man-friendly.

Sorry, the whole ejaculating on a woman’s face doesn’t do it for me.

For Challenge #19: Take the Reins, it’s simple. Show your partner who’s boss.

This doesn’t necessarily mean to grab your whip, leash, and ball gag (unless that’s your thing). But it does mean that you make it known that you’re “on the prowl.”


A little ass smack, crotch grab, heavy hinting, or even instigating if you’re in the mood for some loving. Grab your partner’s hand and place it on YOU (or your special parts).

Let your partner know that you’re in charge. And that you want it.

[Disclaimer: I’m not advocating that you do anything to anyone “against” their will, so please make sure that you have permission or are in a consenting relationship before you engage in this challenge]