I’m gonna sex you up

Yes! Finally! Sex! Challenge #16! Because I know you’ve waited this long to do it, right? RIGHT.

Sadly, my husband is gone, and so therefore I had to change things up on my own. Thank goodness for door locks and OhMiBod (you just can’t wait for the review, can you?).

Now, I can’t speak for trying a new couple’s position, but trying a new single position could seem a little odd, but I have to say, it’s definitely freeing. And makes things waaaaay more interesting.

Today is Challenge #17: Tweak Your Technique. I’m actually headed to the bookstore to pick up a copy of Cool Mom Picks in Parents Magazine, and troll the location of my book at my local Barnes & Noble which I’m sure will be conveniently housed in the sexuality section.


Granted, I will be alone with all my children, but, eh. I’m undecided as to whether to get an oral sex book or a g-spot book. Any suggestions? Opinions?

[And don’t forget my book giveaway – you’ve got until noon – go enter!]

Now for Challenge #18: Watch Porn

There’s nothing like a Monday night porn fest, right? Skip the Bachelor ladies (seriously!) and grab some porn. If you’re an avid porn watcher, then include your spousal unit/partner in the mix, or find some new stuff – artsy, kinky, BDSM, anal, gay – change it up!

If you’re new to porn, I’ve got a fairly large section called Porn for Parents in my book, that actually highlights cable shows and movie scenes that can do the trick if you’re averse to actual porn.

But I really want you to watch REAL porn this time. REAL.

If you need help finding some, I recently had Carrie Ann from Eden Fantasys on my Mominatrix podcast (audio link) to discuss women-friendly porn. Take a listen to the show (NSFW obviously – unless you work in a sex shop) and then check out my Guide to Real Porn for Parents.

If you’ve got any faves, feel free to leave them (along with links) in the comments.

If you’re just joining the 2010: A Sexual Resolution, you can find all the Challenges on the original column. Feel free to join us – better late than never. And thanks to all the participants and supporters. I’m enjoying your posts, tweets, and Facebook comments. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them here or find me all over the web.