I see London, I see France, I don’t see your underpants

Well, I made it through the entire day, including a 3-mile run, without underwear on. And I didn’t even have to change my pants once.

Call me shocked.

And it was actually pretty comfortable.

How did you Challenge #14 go? Hopefully you went underpantless and donated to help Haiti. I figured it was a worthy combination.


Today, for Challenge #15, you should be accentuating your best asset. I’ve yet to decide what that is, but you’ll hear all about it tomorrow.

With the weekend upon us, I figured it was high time we did a little horizontal mambo, but this time you need to try a new position. That’s right – Challenge #16: Try a New Sex Position.

Now I’m not talking about something you don’t usually do. I’m talking about a position that you have never EVER tried.

And if you’re all alone (like I shall be), feel free to change things up for your masturbation session. I realize it’s not as fun, but you never know what great heights (ahem) you can achieve alone just by moving around a little.

Of course, there are plenty of books, magazines, decks, and yes, even websites, that will give you some ideas. Keep in mind – you don’t need to be standing on your head. Even just a little variation to an old favorite might do the trick.

And if that doesn’t work – change your venue or add in a sex pillow to make your regular positions a little more interesting.

Here are a few suggestions I dug up:

1. Kama Sutra Positions

2. Not Your Everyday Sex Positions

3. Best Positions for Women

4. Kinky Sex Positions

Tell us your favorite position! Leave a link, be descriptive, tell us why you love it!

And after attempting to round up all your fabulous posts, I thought – “Hey, why don’t they just leave links in the comments?!” So, please – leave your Sexual Resolution related posts in the comments! By writing at least posts about your participation, you’ll be entered to win the cool grand prize from Eden Fantasys.

And if you’re just joining us – welcome! It’s never to late to start.