Shower with the people you love with love

I forgot to mention that my husband is not very fond of the co-shower, so I enjoyed one all by myself for Challenge #13. I felt like the Elizabeth Banks character in 40-year-old virgin (though she’s in the bath tub during this scene):

“I’m getting myself ready for YOU!”

I am definitely very nervous about today’s Challenge #14 because well, after three kids, I’ve been left with some leak issues. But, I will press on. And attempt to feel sexy without underpants on for the entire day and not, um, gross.

Speaking of the three-kids thing, today on Morning Sex with Mominatrix we’re talking about sex after c-sections. I’ve talked a lot about post partum vagina issues, however, I haven’t really talked a lot about c-sections and how they can affect your sex life. And since I haven’t had a c-section, we’ve even got Mrs. Whipping Boy on to discuss.


You can tune in live at 10:30am EST and chat, or listen to the archives via iTunes.

Now onto Challenge #15: Accentuate Your Assets.

The lovely ladies from Girl Talk Thursday invited me to guest host and their topic was so fantastic that I had wanted to incorporate it here.

“What’s the favorite part of your body?”

[Not familiar with Girl Talk Thursday? Go check them out – you can join in on the fun and meet some fabulous new bloggers]

A few years ago – before kids, really – that would have been easy to answer. But it seems as though after having kids, it much easier to talk about the body parts that really bother me than the ones I really love. And even if I do have one I love, it’s not often that I’m showing anyone at all.

So your challenge is to choose your best asset and accentuate it tomorrow. Interpret that as you will – through clothing (or lack of clothing), make-up, pedicure, manicure, push-up bra, short skirts, thongs, high heels, you name it. The list goes on and on.

Even better if you accentuate it in a way that you don’t usually do. My hope is that you’ll feel sexy doing it, and you’ll not only remind yourself of how fabulous you are (and how great it feels to be reminded of that), but you’ll also take your mind off the one (or many) area(s) that you aren’t really happy about.

Tomorrow is officially our half-way point, and I’ll be doing my best to round-up your posts. Make sure you send them my way if you’d like to be included in the round-up. Thanks for sticking around and enjoying the month of January with me. It’s only bound to get hotter.

That is a promise.