When I think about you I touch myself

I did a little one-two combination with Challenge #10. A little welcome back for my husband. A little fun for me.

I think I should give myself a hand.


No really. I think that we often forget the power of our hands, particularly when we don’t have a lot of time to waste and we just try to head straight for the big finish without remembering how sensual our hands can be.


I used this challenge as a chance to really focus in on what the hell I was doing. It also helps to have a responsive partner who will tell you if you’re on the right track or if it feels like you’re giving them a medical exam.

Today is Challenge #11: Kegels. Make sure you follow me on twitter. I’ll be sending out little, friendly reminders to Kegel.

Like now.


[Side note: I hate auto DMs on twitter but wouldn’t it be funny to make one that just said “KEGEL” – I think I might just appreciate that sort of message].

Okay so Challenge #12: Send a Sext Message

Oh yeah, baby. I want you to send a steamy hot message to someone sometime tomorrow. It can be an email, a text message (also known as “sexting”), hell, even use IM for a little fun.

You daring folks might even try Twitter (Though I highly recommend steering clear of Facebook).

A few tips for safe sexting:

1. Double check the number (You don’t want to tell your Father-in-Law that you want his cock in your mouth).

Okay that just made me faint.

2. Get a sense of where your “subject” is and what they are doing when you send a text message. Emails are a little easier (but make sure you know that no one else checks their email for them). And before you “ring” someone on IM with “I’m so wet right now,” you might want to start with a “Hey, you there?” type greeting.

3. Keep it short and sweet, particularly if you’re sending it to a dude.

If you’ve never sent a sext message before, realize that it doesn’t need to be some nasty, pornographic one-liner.

It can be anything from “I’m thinking of you right now” or “I can’t wait until you get home” to “I want your dick inside of me right now” or “I’m getting wet just thinking about your mouth on my pussy.”

Woo! NC-17 today, mamas!

Granted, the whole “I’m thinking of your right now” is a little tame, but that’s okay. It’s a start.

And what’s great about sexting is that it’s very good practice for dirty talk, which will be coming up soon.

Most people have an easier time writing this stuff than saying it. Typing a few nasty words seems a little safer – it’s your fingers and not your voice – and you can be a little more expressive without having to worry about what you sound like.

So play around with a few ideas before you send something. Head back to your erotic romance novels, or pop in a little porno for some inspiration.

And if you don’t have anyone to send a sext message to, let me know. I’m sure I can drum up some volunteers – at least for a little Twitter exchange or a DM.


Leave some sexy comments for me, ladies (and gents). C’mon! I want to hear them. RIGHT NOW! (How’s that?).