Toy story

I had a pleasant evening with the Ohmibod freestyle as part of Challenge #9, though I have to admit, it was a little distracting listening to music from my iPhone during our rendezvous.

I’m heavy on the fantasy during my personal parties, and I guess it didn’t help that I had my workout music blaring.

(Note to self: Sex music and workout music should never mix – at least during sex)

I found myself getting a little annoyed when the song was over. Sure, it picked up again, but apparently, I need to download a few of those club mixes that just go on forever.


I’ll be reviewing the freestyle in a separate column, so stay tuned.

Speaking of toys, our winner from the Sex Toy Giveaway according to is Helen (Commenter #1) who is trying to convince her husband that toys are not emasculating. Congrats Helen!

I hope you’re warming your hands up for today’s Challenge #10: Use your hands. I want to hear how your hands did the walking – leave me a little tidbit in the comments, will you?

For tomorrow, it’s Challenge #11: Kegels

I realize that everyone has probably done Kegels at least once in their lifetime, but apparently you should be doing them more often.

Especially if you’ve had three children and are having some post partum vaginal issues and bladder woes.


But even if you’re still sporting a 6-pack vag, I suggest you make sure to add Kegels to your daily exercise regimen. Do them while you’re watching television, or reading a book.

Or while you’re writing your blog.


The point is that coordinating them with some other activity can force you to remember to do them. And here’s why you should:

1. They help tighten up the vagina

2. They help to keep you from peeing yourself

3. They can make your orgasms stronger. In fact, some women can even get themselves to orgasms just by Kegeling.


Now if you’re not sure whether you’re doing them correctly or not, you might want to watch this great Kegel video from Nina Hartley. There are NO graphic representations, just Nina describing what you should do. And if you’ve got a partner, they can do them too.

Yes, dudes can Kegel.

I think I should make that into a shirt.

Overall, there are two ways that you can do them:

1. Short quick squeezes – up to 50 at a time.

2. Long squeeze and hold – lower repetitions are better.

Either way, it’s important to do them. They may not solve all your lady issues, but they will definitely help, whether you’re about to sport Depends and switch to a menstrual cup because you’re losing tampons, or whether you just want bigger and better orgasms.

Make sure to update your blog at least twice during our 31 days together so you can be entered in the grand prize (courtesy of Eden Fantasys). And we’ve also got all the challenges aggregated on the original 2010: A Sexual Resolution column in case your catching up.