Girls just want to have fun

Well, thanks to Challenge #8, I have officially retired all my nursing bras. And considering I now measure a 34C (well, at least my left boob does), I got rid of all bras that did not meet that size criteria.

That now leaves me with two good bras.

Alas, the weather was crappy here in Atlanta, so I’m going to combine my bikini and bra shopping to add a few to my list.

There’s still time to enter today’s Challenge #9: Get a New Sex Toy giveaway (until noon EST, actually). And if you didn’t buy one yet, make sure you spruce your old one up today, or at least charge it up (or load it up with some batteries). You’re going to need it. I promise.


[Edited: The giveaway is closed – but here’s another great sex toy giveaway from Sexthusiast]

Since it’s the weekend, and perhaps you’ve got a little more time on your hands, Challenge #10: Use Your Hands.

Oh the fun you shall have.

Now you can interpret this challenge however you’d like, but of course, the more creative and daring you are, the better it will be – for everyone involved – but the key is to focus on using your hands in some way.

A few suggestions:

1. Masturbate (duh. That’s a little obvious. But if you’re single, it might be your only one) – Here are a few female masturbation tips to help you get some new ideas.

1a. Masturbate in front of someone else

1b. Masturbate while someone else is inside of you

2. Masturbate for someone else

Ah yes. The hand job. I personally tend to feel like I’m in high school (NOT that I gave out hand jobs in high school but well, you know) but they are great on their own or as foreplay.

2a. Masturbate while giving oral

3. Give a massage/Scratch a back

I sometimes call back scratching “married people sex” because holy shit a good back scratch feels good. And during sex, it can feel even better.

4. Grab the balls

Just be gentle. Or, um, maybe not. Timing can be everything with this, so juggle them carefully. (ha).

5. Play with the ass.

Smack it. Grab it. Stick your finger in it. (You might want to give a person some warning, or make sure that it’s their thing before doing that).

Have fun, my friends. And tell me, what’s your favorite thing to do with your hands? Got any special tips or tricks up your sleeve?

Also, if you’re looking for a complete list of the challenges thus far, we’ll have them up over at the original 2010: A Sexual Resolution column shortly.