Slippery when wet

Welllllllllll now. Wouldn’t you know that my Liberator hipster arrived for review on the same day my husband came home?

And it was Challenge #4 – Lube it up.

Talk about providence.

So it’s official. Strawberry flavored lube makes everything taste better.


Eh, either way, the lube was great. Of course, I spent the last few minutes before falling asleep worried that the lube was full of sugar which is not so good for the lady parts. And God forbid I break my “no sugar” pact for the month of January.

I mean, if I’m going to break that, it’s going to be for a donut. Not some flavored lube.

Sorry people. I’m the Mominatrix but I’m not crazy.

However, I think I was pretty thorough in getting it all off.


And of course, we have a winner from the 1st weekly giveaway. Congrats to kc (comment time 12:06pm on 1/2/10) who shared her dislike for KY Sensual Silk Warming Gel.

Good luck on Challenge #5 today – your g-spot treasure hunt. Of course, as I write this, some researcher has decided that the g-spot doesn’t exist – obviously some frustrated dude who couldn’t find it, no doubt.

So prove them wrong, ladies!

And for god sakes make it fun. If you’re going to have your hands up there, you might as well make it a good time. You can head to the OB or Midwife’s office if you want the uncomfortable stuff.

So, Challenge #6: Make a Sex Playlist

This is a super fun way to get yourself in the mood, and a simple one too. (Hooray for nothing involving bottles of liquid and laundry, right?).

Make a list of your top 5 (or 10) songs (whatever you want!) that either get you in the mood, or keep you going once you’ve gotten started.

In the Mominatrix Book, I list out my top sex songs split into two categories “Bang ’em til tomorrow” and “Make another baby.” It seemed pretty obvious to me, and my husband who, when I asked him for suggestions said “Oh, so do you want one night stand songs?”

Nice, honey.

But you can do them however you like. Just make sure you have them readily available (on CD or downloaded to your iPod) so you can use them. Not only does good music help set the mood, but it can cover up ambient noises (ah the slapping of bellies and butts!) and whiny kids who won’t sleep.

Here are a few of my favorite sexy songs (feel free to share yours in the comments!):

Madonna – Justify My Love (though the whole Erotica album pretty much does it)

Fiona Apple – Criminal (Yes, I’ve been a bad bad girl)

Timbaland & Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous Girl (Sense a theme here?)

So, how was your lube experience? Tell me what you bought if you are trying something new.  And don’t forget to update your blog with your progress to be entered in our awesome Sexual Resolution giveaway.

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