Inspired by Elena (@blueshi), for Challenge #3, I decided to write my own little erotic short story instead of download one.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for awhile, but was unable to formulate how to write it out. So I spent half the afternoon (and a bit of the evening) just writing down whatever came to my mind. And I think it turned out pretty well.

I’d share it with you but I might actually use it for something else later on.

I will say that it helps to read erotic romances (and let’s face it, watch porn), if you’re going to be writing your own stuff. Same actually goes for any type of writing. The more you read, the better the writer you are.


I can’t believe I’m quoting my college comp teacher. I’m sure she’d be so proud right now.

Now that you’ve got your lube out (Challenge #4 – that’s today, ladies!), it’s time to do a little detective work for tomorrow. Challenge #5: Find your g-spot

If you’re familiar with orgasms (and God I hope you are), you know that there are two different kinds of female orgasms. Clitoral orgasms are experienced from clitoral stimulation (shocking, I know), and then a g-spot (sometimes called “vaginal orgasm”) is from g-spot stimulation.

I realize this may be completely obvious to you, and perhaps you (and your partner) have an amazing sense of direction, but it seems that after having a kid (or three, in my case), the g-spot can become disturbingly more difficult to locate.

Now, if you’ve never really have g-spot orgasms, then you might not know what you’re missing. You’re probably one who doesn’t often orgasm during sex and needs some type of clitoral stimulation in order to climax. Conversely, if you mostly have g-spot orgasms, then oral sex and all that good stuff is nice, but not enough to completely get you off.

And then there’s the double whammy.

So, as someone who has always had the g-spot orgasms, you can only imagine how annoying it is to not be able to climax during sex. And if you’re in a similar situation, then you know that you get pretty hung up on foreplay and you tend to get pretty monotonous in your sexual positions because you only want to do what you know works.

Or used to work.

Now this isn’t all about me, because surprisingly enough, many women do not know where their g-spot is located nor do they know how to stimulate it to the point of orgasm. And really, if you’re alone, why bother with all the work when you can stick a vibrator on your clitoris for two seconds and be done with it.

(Or maybe that’s just me).

So your challenge is to locate it. And then you might want to draw a careful mental map so you can remember where the hell it is.

Most of the sources I’ve read on how to find your g-spot say the same thing:

1. Be turned on (use lube if you need it).

2. Get comfortable.

3. Go up about 3 inches or so into your vagina with a finger.

4. Make a come hither motion and feel for a spot that’s similar to the roof of your mouth.

5. When you’re close to climaxing it will feel like you have to pee.

Now if only you could get off by just finding it.

But hey, it’s a start.

Of course, there are lots of sex toys that are made specifically for g-spot stimulation, so if you’re not a fingers kind of woman, then that’s definitely the route to go. But make sure it’s you trying to find it and not your spouse. Lord knows men rarely stop to ask for directions, so you might want to do it for them.

And as far as I know, there is not an iPhone app for this.


Happy g-spot hunting, ladies!

Feel free to share your tips and tricks on how to find (and stimulate) the sometimes elusive g-spot. And don’t forget there’s still time to enter the Challenge #4 giveaway (until noon EST today). If you already entered yesterday, you can’t enter again today – but you might check out some of the lube recommendations! If you didn’t tweet or facebook it today, then feel free to do it today to get an extra entry.

If you’re just joining us, have no fear – you can catch up in no time! Challenge #1, Challenge #2, Challenge #3, & Challenge #4

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