You say it’s my birthday suit

Well, I have to say that sleeping naked while alone in my bed was a little anti-climatic.

Okay not completely (ahem), but I’ve always found that when a spouse or partner discovers a naked person in their bed, good things usually happen. Well, unless you count sleep as a good thing (which I do, but not when you’re trying to get laid).

I was a little worried because I’m still dealing with the lady business, but all was well. And actually, given I usually end up sweating by the middle of the night with my down comforter and flannel sheets, I was pretty comfortable.

Plus, it gave me a reason to let my 1 year old CIO (for her regular and quite annoying 4am wake up call) because there was no way in hell I was going to get my completely naked ass out of bed to go feed her for two minutes.


I know a few of you mentioned that you already sleep naked, so I’m curious to know if you tend to have sex more often. Nakedness is like foreplay around my house, so I’m wondering if you end up with a little more sugar then most people. Or maybe it’s because you save yourselves a few minutes of getting clothes off so it’s just easier to get it done. (ha).

I’m off to download an erotic romance (Challenge #3) and enjoy the few quiet moments I have during naptime and bedtime to enjoy it. I can’t wait to hear what you read (or wrote).

Alright, mamas. For Monday we’re at Challenge #4: Have fun with lube

Now I was never really a lube girl until I had kids, and then all of a sudden I was buying stock in it. But I’ll be honest, I used to feel like a 16 year old boy when I had to use the lube. And for me, that wasn’t sexy.

But now I’m completely comfortable with grabbing the lube even though I don’t physically need it anymore because lube is fun. Well, the right lube is fun. The wrong lube can be like dipping your hands and vagina in tree sap.

So your assignment is to get some lube* (or use some that you have) and have fun with it – whether you’re with a partner or by yourself. Just make sure to grab a towel, or your fancy sex throe (oh do I love these things) before you get started.

Even though many women actually need to have lube during sex, it can be a great way to enhance masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse even if you don’t technically need it.

Keep in mind that there are 6 bazillion kinds of lube out there, and a lot of times it’s personal preference. Here are a few different kinds that I like (or think seem pretty cool):

General Lubes

I admit that I just tend to grab whatever I have a sample of (ah the joys of being a sex writer), so I don’t usually buy anything specifically. I’ve had good experiences with Good Clean Love, a mom-created line of natural products, as well as Intimate Organics. And while they don’t seem to be the most long lasting of lubes out there, both of these are pretty hypo-allergenic, which is important since you’re dealing with the very special bits. Plus they’re both water based, which is good and safe for breastfeeders. Always check the ingredients just in case.

Flavored Lubes

Flavored lubes are tough to recommend because what one person thinks is tasty, another person might think tastes like ass. (Or something like that). But, they can make oral sex waaaaay more interesting. And tasty. The Lubricant Lickeurs has an excellent review and because it contains no parabens, sugars, or glycerin, it’s safe for vaginal (and anal) sex.

Wet has a pretty extensive line of flavored lubes, many of which are sugar free.

Sexual Enhancement Gels

Okay, so these aren’t technically lubricants, but they’re somewhat related. Now, I’ve tried the KY Intense and I have to admit that I didn’t really notice any difference. I’m actually going to give it another try because I’m not sure I followed the directions correctly. These get mixed reviews, and again, I think it comes down to personal preference. I suppose it can’t hurt to try them, but they can be pricey.

Anal Lubes

Hey now! Ho now! Quite a jump from wearing a thong to anal sex in only four days, but I just said “have fun with lube” – you can to decide what you do with it. Now there are specific anal lubes out there, and ones that combine a relaxant and lubricant together, like the Intimate Organics Adventure.

[A quick anal sex PSA: You should be super turned on for anal sex. You should use lube because the anus is not self-lubricating. You should not switch back and forth between vaginal and anal sex without changing condoms or showering (duh). If you are receiving, then you should be the one who really wants it and not doing it just because your partner is begging you for it. If it hurts, then stop. The end.]

Sliquid also has an organic line of anal lubes, and I’m a fan of their Sassy Booty Formula just because I like the name. Right. (No seriously. It’s funny!)

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Alright, so we’ve got a super duper gift basket of lubes and related sexy goodies (value $50) up for grabs courtesy of Eden Fantasys.

To enter:

1. Leave a comment (one per person) with your favorite lube (or lubes). Feel free to leave a link so we can check it out. And the more details (why you love it, what it feels like, what it tastes like, etc.) the better.

2. For an extra entry, tweet this post. (Leave your tweet link in the comments). You can find me on twitter @mominatrix (and use the #sexualresolution and/or #mominatrix if you like). Here’s the post for easy copying:

3. For another entry, Facebook this post. (Leave your Facebook link in the comments). If you’re not a Mominatrix fan on Facebook yet, join up!

I’ll pick one lucky winner at random from all the entries that I receive by 12pm EST on 1/4/10.

*I realize that some of you may not have a library of lubes in your home, and I’m pretty sure that most regular stores (ala Target) don’t have a great selection. So if you don’t have anything and you want to try something new, feel free to purchase some new lube as your assignment. You’ll have plenty of chances to use it throughout the month.

[I am not being paid to recommend products at Eden Fantasys nor do I make money if you buy anything. You can, however, get 15% off your purchase there with “MOMINATRIX” if you so choose to shop there – and boy do they have an extensive collection of lubes – make sure to read the reviews!].