Happy 2010 – The Sexual Resolution Begins

Happy New Year, sexy mamas! Did you start 2010 with a bang?

I hope so.

I’m tickled that so many of you are joining me this month for our sexual resolution.

Consequently, have you noticed that I love puns? I love them. Please use them. Smother me in them. Mmm puns.


Now yesterday, I introduced you to Challenge #1, so I hope your thongs are dusted, polished, and firmly planted between those butt cheeks. And if not, then go find one right now and get it on your ass.

Or is it “in” your ass?

Okay, maybe that’s a later challenge, eh?

I’ll update tomorrow with my thong wearing experience, and I’m looking forward to hearing yours.

Now for Challenge #2: Sleep Naked

I realize it is the dead of winter, and even for us Southern folks, it’s still pretty darn cold. But guess what? That’s why they invented heat. And blankets.

And sleeping in the same bed with your spouse.

Or if you’re single – heated body pillows.

Whatever your situation, tomorrow (Saturday) night, you must sleep with no clothes on.

Now if you’re already wondering why the hell you got yourself into this mess, I will say that if you are married or partnered, discovering that your spouse is sleeping naked can be pretty hot. So there’s that.

But did you forget the prizes?

Grand Prize Eligibility

To be entered to win the grand prize, which will include a slew of fantastic goodies from Eden Fantasys ($100 value), simply update your own blog* at least twice during the month of January with your experience thus far. It’s your blog, so write (or don’t write) what you want. Just make sure to link up the 2010: A Sexual Resolution column within the post, and then send me your link (mominatrixbook@gmail.com). I’ll even link you up here so you can share your experiences with the other moms.

If you decide to blog more than 2x, then you’ll get extra entries! So just keep sending your posts and I’ll keep entering you in the final drawing.

I’m not going to be banging down your door to make sure you participated for 31 days. So how you choose to participate is up to you. Hopefully, you’ll challenge yourself to step a bit out of your comfort zone.

But I also want to be sure that late comers (heh) can still join in the fun. And if you miss a day, you can still enter.

But be prepared for a little ass whipping and spanking if you do miss a day.

Of course, we’ll also have weekly prizes scattered throughout the month, so make sure you check back to see when we’re doing a giveaway. The entry details will be outlined in those posts.

So mamas, enjoy the first day of 2010 in your thong, and then gear up for Saturday night’s birthday suit sleepover. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

*If you don’t have a blog, but would like to share your experiences and enter the grand prize contest, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.