Join the Sexual Resolution – Start 2010 With a Bang

Welcome to the Mominatrix’s Sexual Resolution blog, a daily dose of sex that I’ll be updating throughout this month long sexual extravaganza. I’m pleased that you’ve decided to join me for this wild ride – whether you’re actively participating or just watching.

In either case, how naughty of you!

Each day, I’ll recap the previous day’s challenge, and then provide you with what your task will be for the next day, offering some adaptations (for the overachievers and the sexually challenged), helpful hints, and special tips.

If you’re worried that you’ll be required to swing from a trapeze or have sex standing on your head, then you’ve got the wrong idea. While circus skills and flexibility can definitely enhance your sex life, this challenge is going to focus on you feeling sexier, not on a possible second career option.



And know that your participation and interaction here will be rewarded, through a fabulous grand prize (more details to come) for those who actively participate in the challenges, and weekly prizes that will coordinate with the challenges for everyone (yes, even random Googlers) all courtesy of Eden Fantasys.

Yay for cool prizes just for having sex!

So without further ado, Challenge #1: Wear a Thong

Now before you thong wearers laugh your butts off, keep in mind that many moms, thanks to post partum hemorrhoids and asses in general, have sworn away thong wearing – either altogether, or relegated only to special occasions (you know, when you know you’re going to take it off in a few minutes).

So, for non-thong wearers, get rid of the cotton undies, boy shorts, or whatever you have that covers your ass, and wear one. All day. And make sure your partner knows it.

If you don’t own any, go buy one. NOW.

And if you do wear a thong regularly, up the ante and wear a g-string, or something that’s sexier than your regular old thong.

Buying a Thong

There are actually a ton of different kinds of thongs out there, and all are not created equal. Unfortunately, they’re not something you can try on before buying. However, you can ask someone who works in the store for assistance, particularly when it comes to finding a comfortable material, the best rise (if you wear low cut jeans/pants, you’ll want a low rise thong), and the type of coverage – yes, some do actually cover more than others.

Have your own thong tips or favorite brands? Do share. And come back tomorrow for Sexual Resolution Challenge #2. Consider these easy ones foreplay for what’s to come.

Sex toys for moms