Obama vs. McCain; Are you ready to get the Government you deserve? UPDATE: VOTE!!!

...or them?Them?

Okay, while The Imperfect Parent strives to be non-partisan, we thought we’d give our readers a rare opporunity on this blog to express their opinions and give you a forum to support and respectfully debate the current issues leading to a critical decision this pending election.

Please keep in mind, — be civil and respectful and remember, just because someone has negative or opposing opinions about your candidate, doesn’t mean they’re a “bad” person or that they’re dumb. The only dumb people are those who don’t vote. Be there or be square on Tuesday, November 4th and post your reactions here.

Happy politicking.



Who wants to predict the outcome? Will we know today or even at the end of the week? Could this decision change everyone’s life forever?

Please, take advantage of our precious freedom and vote!

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