Jon and Kate Plus 8: The ones we love to hate

Well, it’s been almost a year since I wrote my first critical post on Jon and Kate Gosselin. Of course I had no idea what I was getting into. Never could I have imagined that a reality TV show would be met with such ardent opinions, with Kate Gosselin turning out to be quite a polarizing figure. The very mention of Kate Gosselin to those who have caught the show conjures up resentment on one side and admiration, and even sympathy (dare I say “pity”), on the other.

I have mentally divided the “pro” Kate crowd and the “anti” Kate crowd and even though I don’t watch the show on a regular basis (I lost a lot of interest after the first few seasons), I do happen to catch it once in a while. I was never a super-fan, but found some redeeming values in Jon and Kate and can now admit after catching a few reruns that I really can’t stand Kate Gosselin. There, I said it. Now, lest I be associated with the obsessive-stalking-loathing-Kate camp, I wouldn’t waste anymore bandwidth on the subject matter than this post is taking up. Subscribing to the KIA philosophy (Kate is an a-hole), is priority number 16,232, after plucking a stray eyelash out of my eyelid. And even though I have come to terms with the disgust for this woman, I’m not as prepared to run with the KIA crowd. In no way do I want it to be part of my identity. First of all, I have many internet friends who happen to like her, and I have been known to reach across party lines to embrace those with differing opinions [Ed. note: You’re such a maverick]. Second of all, I kinda like having my very own villain. Even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense, I kept on watching the reruns while cursing at the television. In fact, the more angry I got, the more I stayed glued.

So, either Kate Gosselin is an a-hole and doesn’t care, or she’s an a-hole who knows how to keep viewers entranced or enraged. After all, Howard Stern gained his popularity by listeners that hated him more so than from listeners that loved him. Something tells me that she isn’t that smart though.

Or is she?

Here are some questions that arose while I sorted laundry and watched with my stink eyes squarely transfixed on two people who have really worked the system. While I’m all for capitalism and getting as much out of your 15 minutes as possible, it’s just human nature to be resentful towards those who seem to be successfully working the system and I have to wonder, in all of Kate’s “organic glory”, why did she rush the IVF IUI and why did her doctor allow it after only a few months of trying and did her insurance pay for it before the standard waiting protocol was met? In all their “riches”, what have the Gosselins ever given back to society? Have they ever had any episodes focus on charitable giving or community outreach?


Now, I don’t have time to make a career out of my unfavorable opinion of Jon and Kate Gosselin, nor do I have time to create entire blogs dedicated to the schadenfreude I might enjoy if Jon and Kate suddenly… get foreclosed upon or find out their kid’s muffin mix was really being imported from China. Unlike some of KIA peeps, I’ll make no pretense about watching for the sake of the children. See, I’m not that easily amused or smitten by children just because they’re children, and the Gosselin rug-(b)rats are no exception. Half the time, I think they’re annoying, but they’re kids, and kids are annoying, so I can’t necessarily hold that against them as unique. Problem is, they’re destined to be even more annoying because their parents are annoying. That’s how it works. Mom’s selfish and indulging, so are their offspring. And I can’t escape the feeling, once the camera’s are turned off that there isn’t a special belt or wooden spoon that gets up close and personal with those kids. It’s hard to imagine that the kids take away from Kate without some ramifications.

The kids may be (sorta) cute now, but just wait until they get older. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went the way of Danny Bonaduce or Dana Plato after all the glitter fades. I will be the first one in line to buy that People magazine too because I’m not above it, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for their downfall. One day, it will just happen and so long as it’s not a totally tragic ending, like someone getting plastered on the front of a school bus, I will chuckle and I won’t feel bad for it because quite frankly, annoying people deserve as much. Why should Kate be above my pshaw anyway? After all, only interesting people make it onto my list. Kate should be honored.

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