Bullying turns into murder

This story absolutely breaks my heart.

Three Canadian boys, ages 7 – 9 years old, stripped a 6-year-old boy naked and pushed him into a lake where he drowned.

In Canada, nothing can be done to prosecute the boys, since they’re all under 12 — in my opinion a gross injustice. I’m not saying to throw them in maximum security prison, but really, nothing? No punishment at all? They will get away with it and in my opinion, since most bullies have parents that are also bullies, this will be the first of a long string of abuse and violence they will exhibit throughout their lives without proper intervention.

The boy, Adam Keeper, drowned because he didn’t know how to swim. He was only 6 years old and now these bullies will feel no consequences for what they did.


What makes a child so evil? What turns children into cold blooded murderers?

We are well past the days of telling children to simply “suck it up” when teased and tormented by other kids. You cannot “suck it up” when you’re dealing with sociopathic children. Even in America, we need much stiffer laws regarding bullies and the management of bullies. In my opinion, bullies should be removed from their homes as any child of neglect would be as it directly reflects a parents ability to manage and nurture their child. Parents have an obligation to teach their child empathy and to make sure their anger is directed properly. Plus, bullying can manifest itself from other emotional problems the child is suffering, but it is never appropriate to displace those emotional deviancies on other children. I have to wonder if these bullies are not being abused themselves.

Or, are there children that are just born “bad”?