Expectations of a 13 year old…

I just read about a 2-year old baby in Texas, who drowned in her community pool while the mother went inside to get a diaper. Supposedly, the mother left the 2-year old with a 13-year-old sibling and when she came back, the baby was lying on the bottom of the pool.

I can’t imagine the guilt that poor 13-year-old and the mother is going through.

Can a mom really rely on a child of that age in such a dangerous situation? Do you think the parents blame the sibling?

I certainly hope that this young teen gets counseling.

  • Brittney

    i am a high school student and yes i do agree that trading nude pictures of your self is not only wrong but a misuse of a cell phone but that dosent mean that every student should get the phone privlage taken away, that would be like takeing away penut butter cause some people are alergic. but like i said before haveing a cell phone is a privlage and if that privlage is abused it should be taken away but it should only be taken way from those students who cant handle the privlage and who choose to abuse it. now this is only my opinion but i still am in school and i know that a teenanger does need a cell phone, but only students who know how to be responsable should be able to have a cell phoen at school….