Another Texas Mother wipes out her children

Again. Again and again. I can hardly stand to hear another one of these stories.

Yet, another Texas mother, identified as Gilberta Estrada, brutally kills her children in a trailer home by hanging them. The twist in this case, is that she succeeded with all but the infant, who was struggling in her noose and rescued when the aunt found the family hanged. Unfortunately, the 5, 4 and 2 year old were already dead, as was the mother.

The most disgusting fact of the article that reported this horrific and tragic incidence, was the fact that this is a frequent pattern in Texas and that a portion of our society calously chooses to give these “mothers” amnesty over giving these children justice or putting abused children first:

Houston Chronicle/AP TX news: The slayings came nearly five years after another woman in Hudson Oaks killed her three children. On July 16, 2002, Dee Etta Perez, 39, shot her 4-year-old daughter and sons, ages 9 and 10, before killing herself.


Texas has seen a disturbing number of child killings by mothers in recent years.

Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the family’s Houston bathtub in 2001. In 2003, Deanna Laney beat her two young sons to death with stones in East Texas, and Lisa Ann Diaz drowned her daughters in a Plano bathtub. Dena Schlosser fatally severed her 10-month-old daughter’s arms with a kitchen knife in 2004.

All four of those women were found innocent by reason of insanity. Yates initially was convicted of capital murder, but that was overturned on appeal.

It is so uncivilized and selfish that there are adults that think that preserving the rights of adults to make the decision of whether or not their children are worthy of life, supersedes their moral obligation to protect children from heinous killers. Furthermore, it is a sad statement of the world in which we live in, that adults in our society see children as objects and of little value, especially when compared to adults. (Ah, they were just babies after all, it’s not like they were adults.)

It’s no wonder why moms keep torturing and killing their kids. Other people keep making excuses for them in order to protect their own selfish agenda – to preserve exclusive rights of adults and make children nearly invisible and worthless. Imagine if we put children first? Adults would be held accountable for them, wouldn’t they?

There is no reason for these “mothers” to second guess themselves. They are constantly being told by society that if they brutally kill their children, it’s not their fault – they’re still good people and that society really doesn’t care. It’s not as if it’s a man who raped a woman or student who shot his peers at a school, c’mon, they were just having a bad day!

The only silver lining is that the mother actually took her own life as well. At least we will have one less murdering, child abusing political pawn to ante up money for some spa-like “therapy” in which child killing advocacy groups can reward her with.

The children however, deserved better.

  • Pak31

    Wow, you said it. Let’s not act like a man, let’s act like a baby and take out your anger on your wife by killing your 4 innocent helpless children. That’ll get her back. Like you said, what a selfish jerk. I am so sick of these people that can’t act like the adults they are and just handle a situation like an adult. Someone should throw him off a tall bridge, I bet he’d scream like a baby. I don’t know what is going on with parents lately but something isn’t right.

  • Kasey

    What a sick bastard, I don’t understand how anyone could do that. I hope he pays dearly…


    I can not imagine what someone would have to do to make me throw my child over a bridge. People today are turning into extremely sick bastards. I truely hope he someday knows the fear and pain those four angels where forced to endore.

  • Dawn

    I received a phone call from my mother this morning telling me about this repugnant story. We both were beside ourselves with disgust. How could somebody do such a thing my mom said to me. I do not have any children but my mother has tried to describe to me the feeling of what it’s like to loose a child and she would not wish such a dreadful feeling on her worst enemy. All of us want to see him endure endless torment they same way he made those helpless children feel. But nothing can compare to what he will face from God on Judgment Day. What will he answer when the Lord asks him, “What have you done with those precious gifts I have blessed you with?” May the Lord NOT have mercy on his soul!

  • Elizabeth

    I wonder though, if this had been a woman who had done this, if people would not be so angry. For some reason, when women do this sort of thing, or mothers I should say, the public feels sorry for them or blames society. When a man does this, the public wants revenge and restitution.

    Why the double standard???

  • Jennifer

    I heard this on the news and it absolutely broke my heart. I cried while telling my husband this story. I don’t understand what is happening to this world. Everytime I think about this I see those babies falling and it just tears me up inside. Man or Woman, anyone who does this should be severely punished if not given death. Those children were innocent, they had their whole lives ahead of them and this selfish man decided that he was in charge of their fate… makes me so mad! I just pray for them and the family who is actually hurting so bad right now. I hope this guy rots in a cell and then in hell.

    Makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t see how any of those poor babies survived but I hope to god that they are at least found and put to rest properly. Four sweet little angels, god keep them safe with you.

  • Lindsey

    I could not imagine! I eahrd this and cried. I can not imagine how someone could something so terrible to an innocent and helpless child! I wish he could endure torture beyond belief for the sickening things he has done.

  • Priscilla

    Society is to blame, not for the death of the precious little one but for the state fo mind one goes through. I can’t bare to hear stories such as this one because it makes me sick to my stomace, and sometimes they scare me so much, that i think if things weren’t so perfect i’d probably be in there shoes…

    Going through life with struggles is an ugly episode, such as this one! And yes elizabeth is right, why such madness on the man, all the women killed thier kids and claimed insanity. Bull-Crap, killing someone has no excuse, I MEAN NO EXCUSE, uuuuhhh i’m so angry. Children are brought into this world not knowing what life will be like but come on this lady had three kids with this and one already, she got pregnant what like 3 months in between each birth… and she knew he had an addiction, she should be to blame as well. God, I know these children are in a better place, give those who knew them deerly, the strength to cope with thier loss.

  • tammy

    I’m very upset with this story. this world is getting so bad. them babies didn’t do anything that stupid man should have the same done to him. he has to be sick or may be just crazy either way this man will get what’s coming for this crime. I pray for the family and hope the mother will be alrght and we all know the babies are with jesus

  • Melba

    No excuses.
    Let’s see what defense he claims.
    Our society has accepted too much.

    When will Generation D’s time end ?
    Generation D – the disposable generation.
    They have no values for posessions – large or small.
    My generation held onto objects from the past, things our grandparents displayed proudly we still hold dear. Yet somehow we have forgotten how valuable life is. How did we loose the teachings of value ?
    Is this the fault of our parents, media or the influence of those that never had joyful experiences in their life so they do not teach these values and morals to their children.
    My family lives daily with values and memories and we do hold onto memoriabelia retelling the stories to our child, so that he too can hold tight to the stories and tell his children while sharing the objects of love.
    As an educator of 20 years I see many Generation D kids, I value each of them and encourage memory building and value building – I encourage all parents to grab history and change the future values. I reach out to change the future DAILY !
    I encourage those that control our future to help make the change – could you imagine a positive R&B singer or rapper that had values which could inhibit our future values with a positive influence ?
    Sensorship ? No Protection of the future ! Prevention that the youth of today understand that unacceptable actions bring about severe consequences.

  • shabz

    God gives children to people around us to keep and look after. they are like angels coming from heaven. some people should condider themselves lucky when they have children, unlike other people out there cant have any. this bastard should deserve the worst punishment and make him suffer like his four children did. people like him dont deserve children!!!

  • stace

    ok, wat you people dont understand is that this guy was seriously illi know it doesnt excuse the fact that he killed his childern, but he was very mentally ill at the time. im sure if he was in the right state of mind he would not have done it.