Top 10 weirdest baby bottles


It wasn’t that long ago when the craziest bottle out there was Avent. Now, utilizing sexy sounding things like “injection molding,” baby bottles are as stylish as they are utilitarian. Some are just cool enough to be a fashion accessory while others are downright bizarre.

Check out our list of the top 10 most interesting baby bottles out there today:

1. Weil Baby


These Weil baby bottles are as elegant as expensive perfume bottles. For those showy moms who always have to one-up everyone.


2. Vice Versa Cow Bottle

An udder display of what’s inside, this cow bottle doesn’t discriminate.


3. Rock Star Baby Bottle

For those about to rock, we present to you, the rocker baby bottle.


4. Pura Stainless Steel Bottle

Because it’s important to have your infants accessories match your appliances.


5. Podee Hands Free Bottle

For the mom who wishes to feed her baby like a hamster.


6. Mimijumi Baby Bottle

If only our post-pregnancy breasts were as round and perky as the Mimijumi bottle.


7. Chill, Baby li’l lager bottle

Channel your inner hillbilly. At $12, it’s slightly less than a case of domestic cans.


8. Como Tomo bottle

It’s squishy and flexible and doubles as a stress ball.


9. Design Continuum Imprint Custom Nipple

A surrogate nipple.


10. adiri NxGen Nurser

Charming and stylish a must have for the trendy mom.


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