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Work is a Four Letter Word. So is Jose.

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If you’ve ever worked in a busy office, you know that phones are constantly ringing, fax machines are incessantly beeping and the click-clack of keyboard typing fills every moment of potential silence. It’s enough to drive a person to drink (after work cocktails anyone?). If you’ve ever worked in an office full of women, you […]

Hollywood’s Single Parents: Real or Really Wrong?

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Is it just me, or have single moms come into their own in Hollywood – or, dare I say, are in vogue in our celebrity-crazed world? Solo parenting is nothing new, but being a single mom seems to be one of Tinsel Town’s latest hooks in promoting a star’s career instead of the moral outrage […]

Money (That’s What I Want)

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Last week my neighbor, Shelly, and I were discussing employment and the topic of wages came up.  Shelly is an Advertising Sales Representative for a local radio station with an exceptional sales portfolio.  For the last five years she has exceeded every sales goal imaginable, yet she told me she hasn’t had a salary increase […]

Why do drug addicted parents retain custody of their children?

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Not unlike many drug addicts’ homes, Jessica Kasten’s house was a garbage refuge and only one of the things that was sorely neglected in her life. Officers who were called to investigate the scene of a crime against a child — an infant to be more precise — called the home deplorable. Drug paraphernalia was […]

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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Just after I lost my job, one of my closest friends took it upon herself to call me anytime a position became available at the company she works for. Since I have a background with insurance sales, and my friend works for an insurance company as a claims adjuster, she thought I’d be perfect for […]

Job Seek and You Shall Not Find

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Today marks the two month "anniversary" of losing my job. I’m not celebrating unemployment, although it’s wonderful that I’m no longer in the worrying stages of this unfortunate situation. In the last two months I’ve submitted countless resumes and applied for various positions in a variety of fields. There was the bank teller position that […]

All Fired Up.

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No sooner than I discussed my frustrations with my job, the company I worked for decided they could no longer keep up with the competition in the Audiology/Hearing Instrument Sales Industry, and axed my position to stop their "financial bleed" within the corporation. The irony of the situation still gets me. Here I was complaining […]

All is Fair in Love and Work?

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It’s Valentine’s Day, the holiday in which lover’s express their love for each other (according to Wikipedia), typically with flowers, chocolate and romantic dinners at fancy restaurants, not always in that order of course. But for those who aren’t in a couple, Valentine’s Day can have entirely different meanings or purposes. One can express their […]

Under the Weather, Under the Gun

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Two weeks ago my son, Dawson, came down with a terrible cold. He was whiny. He wouldn’t eat. He was barely able to swallow a few tablespoons of Pedialyte. He was miserable, and I was getting there. Because my husband is the primary bread winner of our household, I called in sick to work to […]

To Buy or Not to Buy, Online

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We’re halfway to Christmas, and I haven’t done any shopping. Okay, wait.  Let me be more specific. I have purchased a few gifts for my son and my husband, but I bought them both online. I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home, or my office (which is where I’ve been spending most […]