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Lose the E-X-P-E-C-T This Holiday Season

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With Thanksgiving behind us already, the holiday season’s in full swing. It’s not an easy time for any parent, but for single parents it often involves extra shopping carts of planning, paying and praying in an attempt to make a child’s holiday The. Best. Day. Ever. In my five plus years as a single parent […]

What’s for dinner? Got me.

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It’s five o’clock. You’ve just finished work. Now you must pick up the kids from daycare and get home in time to make dinner. You’re half-way home when you realize you have no idea what’s for dinner. What to do? Other than panic of course? Do you: a) Make a quick stop at the grocery […]

Single Parent Dating: Scary-Silly Season All Year ‘Round

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About 3 months after my divorce I did something scary: I started thinking about dating again. You know, the kind of dating that, in my mind, involved many eligible suitors (read: hot-looking, mentally stable and gainfully employed with 401(k)s) donning eager smiles just for me and lots of candlelit wooing. About five months after these […]

Help Wanted

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For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with balancing home and work. As a work-at-home-mom (WAHM), one of my biggest battles is getting my work done and still having time to be wife, mother and household manager, and maybe even enjoying some time for myself. With Dawson now in preschool two days per week, […]

Does One Label Fit All?

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Maybe I’m the only single parent who wonders this at times, but am I really a single mom? Do I have the right to call myself one? Sure, I have two kids. I happen to be divorced and not yet remarried. I’m single. I’m a mother. Technically, the label fits. I’m just not sure I’m […]

Is Sarah Palin Willing to Fight for Women Everywhere?

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With the 2008 Presidential Election creeping up on me, politics has been on my mind lately. More specifically, John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, has been the center of my attention. Who is this woman, this working mother of five, who appears to be grabbing the GOP bull by the horns? The emergence of Sarah […]

The Judas Kiss

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How many parents, mothers in particular, would knowingly put their children in harms way and confine their children to an environment absent of any boundaries, safety and protection? How many women are tormentors by proxy, consenting accessories to crimes against children, standing along side their lovers as they hurt their own children? How many women […]

The ABCs of Single Parent Survival

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My children are set to start another school year. You know what that means. No, not a frantic dash to Target for new pencil cases and backpacks. It’s the time of year when single parents everywhere need to do a little back-to-school shopping for themselves. So, I offer you the ABC’s of my single parent […]

Back to Life, Back to Reality

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Summer is almost over. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker and many parents are ready to get back to reality. Ready to send their kids back to the life of text books, loose leaf paper and sharpened pencils. I don’t know if I’m ready. In less than three weeks, my son […]

Brides, Boys and Bellyaches

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I always knew single parenthood would have its challenges, but I never imagined it would make me ill. Not ill-ill, thankfully, just a queasy kind of ill whenever certain subjects come up in our house. You know, like love, marriage and dating. The first time my daughter, who I’ll call “Drama Girl,” practiced the wedding […]