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Dear Family: Empty Toilet Paper Rolls Will No Longer Be Tolerated

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Dear Family, Do not be alarmed if you are sitting on the toilet and have found this post-it note in place of the usual roll of toilet paper. The reason for this change of procedure is the result of great strides in my therapy. It is imperative for me to establish clear boundaries and set […]

Becoming a Mom Again after Breast Cancer

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I was 38 and a single parent working 48 hours a week to support my two daughters. I had a lot of support from my family in raising my girls, so when I found a lump in my breast one gloomy day, I figured if I ignored it, it would go away. I felt for […]

An Imperfect Single Mom Goes on a Disappointing Date

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I recently took a plunge into online dating for my first time — as a single mom. “I am a warm and generous single mom seeking a respectful and cooperative man who dreams big with both feet on the ground.” I’ve been raising my six-year-old single-handedly since she was an infant, after my boyfriend — […]

Mowing the Lawn is a Woman’s Job

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I have a confession to make…I love mowing the lawn. No, “mowing the lawn” is not some weird Mantra-type sexual position. I mean it literally — I love cutting the grass! We have a rather large piece of property with a nicely sized front yard and a backyard that is 300+ feet deep, as well […]

I won’t Apologize for being a Stay at Home Mom

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My husband recently subscribed my email address to receive the New York Times arts headlines everyday. His purpose in doing this was to give me something to talk about other than babies. So far, I have yet to open any of them. It’s not that I’m not interested in the arts, or even that I […]

Worldwide Pandemic: Who Would Be Saved First?

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If a worldwide pandemic occurs, the order in which people are deemed to be important enough to save or to whom experts submitted an ethical obligation is tricky and difficult. The protocol is revisited revised by the World Heath Organization and the United States government every two years. Prioritization is categorized by tiers, according to the determination is based […]

The Push to Medicate Children

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Photo: Cathy Kaplan There’s the push: from teachers, from doctors, from social workers, and even from random strangers. They push to medicate differences in children away as if some little pill can actually solve a child’s challenges. Some people push back, blaming big pharma, as if the teachers, doctors, social workers, and strangers don’t make […]

Physical Therapy for Vaginas

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Photo: David Reeves I was curious as to what kind of person decides to specialize in physical therapy for vaginas. I mean, I’m no medical expert, but I do have a vagina, and I can’t imagine that there are many exercises one can do for it. This is what I was thinking while sitting in […]

Motherhood: The New Competitive Sport

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One of the advantages to working from home is that I am able to spend more quality time with my son, Dawson. One of the disadvantages to working from home is that I often spend too much time with my son. With my husband working outside the home 40+ hours a week, he doesn’t have […]

Maternity Leave: A Working Mom’s Dilemma

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My friend, Kay, and I are both pregnant, and our due dates are within days of each other. We were due on the same day for about a month, but I seem to be growing the Monster Baby, and my doctor has since moved my due date to October 22nd, less than 15 weeks from […]