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Post Baby: I Wear My Swimsuit and Stretch Marks Proudly

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Even before giving birth neither I nor any of my closest friends had the sort of body that you would immediately think to display on a beach. The closest I personally came to “Bathing Suit Confidence” was the summer I was sixteen when I dared to buy and actually wear a black bikini with the […]

Truckin’ USA

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Several Christmases ago, my then-teenaged stepson Ryan received the most auspicious of gifts from his grandparents: a pink button down shirt, size medium. At 6’3″, my stepson hadn’t worn a medium for years; he had never worn pink; and he had definitely never worn a shirt more suited for chess players or accountants than an […]

My Mother/My Maternity Clothes

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It started, as it often does, with a phone call. “Hi, Mom, what’s up?” I said. “Well.” There was a pause. “Now that you’re pregnant…” There was another long, portentous pause. I wondered if my mother was calling to reveal some female family secret, something which could only be passed on to pregnant daughters. Then […]

Queer Eye for the Straight Mom

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Unless you live under a rock (or are nursing a newborn, which is the motherhood equivalent of living under a rock), you’ve probably heard about the smash Bravo hit Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The “FAB 5” as the team of gay decorators/designers/stylists have been dubbed, are absolutely everywhere — on magazine covers, network […]