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The Toddler’s Halloween Manifesto

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My kids walked into the kitchen today holding hands. One was dressed as Cinderella. The other as Sleeping Beauty. They were ready for Halloween. Very sweet. They handed me a piece of paper. It seems they had gotten together in the remote corner of their pink playroom and conferred about Halloween. They decided to head […]

10 Ways to Have Your Very Own Picky Eater

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You know, I envy moms who complain their children won’t eat spinach or turn their noses up at pot roast. The ones who worry that little Tommy might fall over, looking all pale and emaciated, because he’s eaten nothing but Cheddar Bunnies and plain ramen noodles for the last eight days. These women know challenge. […]

Why You Should Never Make Box Macaroni & Cheese Again: A Manifesto

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I think there is nothing more evil than a box of macaroni and cheese. That’s right. I said it. Pure evil. I think that every time you open your kitchen cupboard, the box of mac and cheese is laughing maniacally and mocking you. Wha ha ha ha. That’s what it says. Wha ha ha ha.  […]

On the Imperfect Kitchen

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I am thrilled to be a new columnist here at Imperfect Parent, mostly because I am absurdly imperfect and thus, fit the definition perfectly. Those nuts at “Perfect Parent” wanted nothing to do with me and I can’t say that I blame them. The imperfection in my kitchen alone is sometimes breathtaking. You see, imperfection […]