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Second Time Around

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I’m pregnant again. This comes at a time when I’m not quite sure that I even know what I’m doing with the first one, who is 19 months old. I can’t believe that I actually planned this when now as I sit on the couch sick to my stomach it feels like the last possible […]

I’m Pregnant, Einstein!

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My husband said I should be ashamed of myself. “Fighting with a twelve year old, who does that?” I was cranky, hungry and eight months pregnant. While waddling down a city street, a young boy in a yellow jacket approached me selling candy bars for his catholic school. There were a bunch of rowdy kids […]

Speedy Delivery

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My first labor was long, painful and augmented with Pitocen — what I affectionately call “the Devil drug”. So I swore it would be different the second time. When people asked me how long I was going to continue working through the pregnancy, I told them, “My due date is July 3. My last day […]