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Nature vs. Nurture

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“If you let your son wear nail polish he will grow up to be gay.” That is what my sister told me. Our first sons are 3 weeks apart in age, and the comparing is relentless. Back in the fall, we were talking about Halloween and the topic of my 3-year-old son wanting to dress […]

Morning Has Broken

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5:30 am: Alarm clock sounds Blindly search for, then press snooze button. 5:38 am: Alarm clock sounds Press snooze button, more quickly this time. 5:46 am: Alarm clock sounds Hit snooze button hard with palm of hand causing alarm clock to fall off nightstand. Noise causes baby to stir in the next room. Lie perfectly […]

From the Gentle Discipline Files

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Frazzled, new mother of two with a stern look and serious voice says, “Satchel. Do. Not. Hit. The. Baby.” Two-year-old boy with an impish grin and a far cry from his inside voice chortles, “Bwahahaha!” Dr. Sears, that prolific know-it-all, wrote that the attached child will often obey his/her parents after a disapproving glance because […]