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Screw Attachment Parenting, I’ll Take Detachment Parenting

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As a parent are you attached to your kids? Well, that seems to be kind of a silly question. Most, if not all, good parents are attached to their kids. It’s natural. You love them, you form a bond with them the minute you first look into their eyes and think to yourself, yes this […]

Hypocrisy: I’m an Over-Protective Montessori Teacher

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I may as well come clean from the beginning. I am a hypocrite. A phony. Full of bull, or something that comes from a bull. I am a whitewashed sepulcher. I can talk the talk, but not walk the walk, etcetera. “Wow!” you may think to yourself. “That sounds harsh. She must suffer from a […]

In Quest for Peace Mom Builds New Swing Set from Scratch

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As a parent, it’s my responsibility to teach my children about fairness, sharing, and taking turns. At least that’s what that child-rearing book says. But as someone who’s tired of hearing screaming, screeching, and incessant whining, my main concern is silence, no matter what it takes to achieve it, nor who has been denied justice […]

Baby No Sleeping

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Below is a list of some of the things well-intentioned people told me to do to help my son sleep, number thirteen being my favorite: “You have to get your son to nap, because if he goes to bed overtired, he’ll be too tired to sleep.” “Try cutting out his naps so he sleeps longer […]

Mom’s Creative Solution After Finding Condom in Teen’s Laundry

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Parenting woes hit hard when an unassuming mother or father becomes privy to information they’d just as soon not know. I think we’ve all worn blinders when discovering a hidden handwritten note or overhearing sordid details of a phone conversation. But how blind can one pretend to be when making a discovery such as the […]

Helping my Deaf Daughter find her Identity

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Our youngest daughter stands at the door, knocking loudly. She raises her eyebrows and points to her ear, letting us know that she hears the banging of tiny fist on wood. Her serious expression lets us know that something colossal is about to happen. “Ooopen!” she shouts, and her smile lights up the room. Clapping […]

Mom turns in her helicopter license

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Photo: Flickr/ginnerobot “Hey mom? When’s the last time I had a tetanus shot?” I looked up from my computer, pencil in my mouth and glasses perched on the end of my nose. Someone was talking to me. I had to pause a moment, blink my eyes a dozen times, try to erase the blank stare […]

Parenting Blind

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Photo: Ralph Aichinger When the squirming, screaming bundle was laid on my chest, my heart swelled with a love I never imagined. This is my daughter. This is Rachel. I always wanted to be a mom. Before we married, my husband and I agreed we wanted a family. My blindness is not hereditary, so I […]

Mommy’s Magic Door

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Photo: Dan Barbus Ahhh. The blessed bathroom door. Sanctuary and pure bliss. I'm fairly confident this magical door has saved many marriages, derailed some serious fits of temper and stopped many a woman from setting something on fire. I don't think I have ever paid tribute to the bathroom door and seeing how my forehead rests on […]

The Late Book

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Photo: Tom Kerb I recently had a meeting with my daughter's very lovely first grade teacher. She, lovely teacher, said to me toward the close of the meeting, "So, now that we've covered those items," and she hesitated a moment, "Now that we've covered those items, maybe we could talk about, um, maybe we could […]