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70 Things My Mother Used to Say

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As an ode to my mother, here are 70 things my mother always said… 1. Bats and raccoons have rabies. 2. Beggars can’t be choosers. 3. You won’t have any boyfriends if you stay fat. 4. We were a tad bit Irish. 5. March to the beat of a different drummer. 6. Don’t stoop to their […]

Five discontinued kid food failures

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It has long been said that if you “Build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” So true. Inventors have long enjoyed very lucrative careers spent ferreting out that which needs to be improved, enlarged, reduced or what, in many cases we, the unwashed masses, had no idea what we […]

Will having two children change me?

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The other day I received a phone call at the office. “Honey,” the voice said, “we did it. I’m pregnant.” Fortunately, the voice belonged to my wife. She had discovered while sitting at work that she had miscalculated her period date and was actually three days late. Rushing home for lunch, low and behold the […]

Top 10 weirdest baby bottles

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  It wasn’t that long ago when the craziest bottle out there was Avent. Now, utilizing sexy sounding things like “injection molding,” baby bottles are as stylish as they are utilitarian. Some are just cool enough to be a fashion accessory while others are downright bizarre. Check out our list of the top 10 most […]

Mom turns in her helicopter license

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Photo: Flickr/ginnerobot “Hey mom? When’s the last time I had a tetanus shot?” I looked up from my computer, pencil in my mouth and glasses perched on the end of my nose. Someone was talking to me. I had to pause a moment, blink my eyes a dozen times, try to erase the blank stare […]

Parenting Blind

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Photo: Ralph Aichinger When the squirming, screaming bundle was laid on my chest, my heart swelled with a love I never imagined. This is my daughter. This is Rachel. I always wanted to be a mom. Before we married, my husband and I agreed we wanted a family. My blindness is not hereditary, so I […]

Co-operative living as a family

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Photo: notto86/Flickr When my husband and I decided to move to Madison, Wisconsin, several years ago, I was pregnant with our first child and planned to quit my job to care for our new baby full-time. When I started envisioning my new life, despite having a special new person, it sounded isolating. How could I […]

When Mom’s the Dad

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Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr My son is obsessed with the mailbox. Everything about it from the dandy red flag that moves up and down, to the satisfying thump of the door as it opens and closes… and opens and closes and opens and closes (he's a toddler) pleases him. Each afternoon we make our daily pilgrimage, […]