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Mom’s Creative Solution After Finding Condom in Teen’s Laundry

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Parenting woes hit hard when an unassuming mother or father becomes privy to information they’d just as soon not know. I think we’ve all worn blinders when discovering a hidden handwritten note or overhearing sordid details of a phone conversation. But how blind can one pretend to be when making a discovery such as the […]

Warning: Babysitters Come with Some Teen Angst

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Babysitters are to a marriage as elephants are to a circus: both would be pretty lame without them. (And, yes, you might have guessed analogies were not my strength on the SAT.) Shortly after our son was born—very shortly—we recognized our need for a regular sitter. Asking friends was no use, as most mothers only […]

7 Really Annoying Mom-isms

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Okay, so not the world’s most original post — since I’ve never written a post like it before, preferring instead to bitch about it to my husband whose typical response is, “Oh, I know!” I’m goin’ for it. So, here it is. The top seven most annoying phrases that silly moms say which I can […]

A Lesbian Mom’s Awkward Sex Ed Talk

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I was only five years old when my brother was born. It was my mother’s growing belly that prompted my questions about where babies come from. My mother gave me both more information than I needed, as a kindergartner, and less. Really, I think some analogy about seeds would have satisfied me — I was […]

The Tale of the Threat that had Real Consequences

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The problem with being a parent today is that there is nothing good we can threaten our children with. My mother used to promise to break arms when my brothers and I treaded dangerously close to the edge of Hell-To-Pay Canyon. But what was only a warning back when we were kids could get a […]

Mom’s Taste of Freedom: Kids Away at Sleepaway Camp

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I recently found myself living the dream that kept me alive all those years when my children were small and ever-present. Those days when I couldn’t even sit on the toilet without a note passed under the door…“Mom can i hav gum e bears? Chooze 1 yes no.” Those days when I had to hire […]

Helping my Deaf Daughter find her Identity

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Our youngest daughter stands at the door, knocking loudly. She raises her eyebrows and points to her ear, letting us know that she hears the banging of tiny fist on wood. Her serious expression lets us know that something colossal is about to happen. “Ooopen!” she shouts, and her smile lights up the room. Clapping […]

A Mother’s Heartbreak over Aspergers Son’s Challenges

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I sat that cold January afternoon by the diving board watching our coats. Mark, his sister Grace and his little brother Vic were at the other end of the high school pool holding on to the side. My husband, Marty, was with them on this scouting party. A line of nine-year-old boys waited to jump […]

A Jealous Brother’s Maturation

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Could I really blame my oldest son for resenting us for bringing home this wrinkled crying alien, who happens to look at lot like W.C .Fields? After all, my son was used to having us to himself, and we did talk the whole “little brother” event up and made it seem like more of a carnival […]

The Never Ending Screaming of a Toddler

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Is there ever the right thing to say to a parent with a screaming child? As the parent of three well-versed screaming banshees at some point in their lives, I just can’t give you a straight answer. At the risk of sounding like I do not love my children I’ll just say it right now […]