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Moms Need to Learn How to Just Say No

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The request was simple. My 9-year-old daughter wanted the latest toy and asked if I would buy it. After a few minutes of consideration, I launched into the answer. “Sweetheart, it’s really not a good idea. You’ll see – everyone wants one now, but in a few weeks it will be something else.” I predicted […]

The Day My Teenage Son Ran Away

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6 a.m. on Saturday morning is not my favorite time of day. O.K. — 6 a.m. on any morning is not my favorite time of day, but particularly on Saturday because I think I should be allowed to sleep more. My husband, John, however, always wakes up that early and it was his loud voice […]

Hypocrisy: I’m an Over-Protective Montessori Teacher

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I may as well come clean from the beginning. I am a hypocrite. A phony. Full of bull, or something that comes from a bull. I am a whitewashed sepulcher. I can talk the talk, but not walk the walk, etcetera. “Wow!” you may think to yourself. “That sounds harsh. She must suffer from a […]

The Tournament of Moms: A Jeopardy Game Show Parody

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  Alex: Welcome to the special “Tournament of Moms” on Jeopardy this week. Well, at least we hope it can run all week . . . we didn’t find too many Moms who had any brain cells left, and of those who did, only a few could find someone to watch the kids for a […]

In Quest for Peace Mom Builds New Swing Set from Scratch

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As a parent, it’s my responsibility to teach my children about fairness, sharing, and taking turns. At least that’s what that child-rearing book says. But as someone who’s tired of hearing screaming, screeching, and incessant whining, my main concern is silence, no matter what it takes to achieve it, nor who has been denied justice […]

Baby No Sleeping

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Below is a list of some of the things well-intentioned people told me to do to help my son sleep, number thirteen being my favorite: “You have to get your son to nap, because if he goes to bed overtired, he’ll be too tired to sleep.” “Try cutting out his naps so he sleeps longer […]

Helplessness: Watching My Girls Caught in Storm on Chair Lift

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Everything was fine until Susan screamed. Lightning snapped overhead, overshadowed instantly by the crack of thunder. Ahead of me on a two-person chair lift, forty feet above the ground, my daughters cringed as the storm lashed around them. Six-year-old Susan’s wail of terror floated over the noise of the storm, enough to send a chill […]

I Think My Neighbor’s Kid Is a Legit Psychopath

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Not exactly how you want to start out a conversation with your neighbors, is it? But I’m going to have to figure out some way to explain to them why I won’t allow my daughter to play with their five kids any more. Really, it’s just the one, the four-year-old boy. We’ll call him Damien, […]

Vacation Drama: Our Many Family Vacations from Hell

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Family vacations are as American as apple pie, and as seasonal as watermelon. As we bask in summer sun, warm weather and fun brought on long, lazy days, many Americans are embarking on the age-old family vacation. Last year Americans took 325.6 million leisure trips during June, July and August and 40% of the longest […]

Asperger Son’s First Friend Completely Freaks Me Out

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My husband and I decided to throw our son his first birthday party at age 5 — the first official birthday party we’d thrown for him, not because we didn’t want to, but because it’s the first time that he really got it. See, a year prior, he was diagnosed with “Aspergers with Hyperlexia”, which […]