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I’m Always Yelling at My Kids

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In my twenties, there were days – maybe weeks — that went by where I never spoke much or even raised my voice. I had the comforting presence of a twelve-year-old girl walking quietly to church to sing in the choir. Now I am this: DON’T TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF! DON’T HOLD THE CAT BY […]

The Little White Pill

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Something hit my broom and rolled around on the kitchen floor, ricocheting off the baseboards like a marble in a pinball game. At first I thought it was one of my daughter’s beads, so I continued to sweep, not paying much attention to it. Eventually whatever it was stood still, and I bent down and […]

I Chose to Formula Feed, It’s My Right

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“Are you planning to breastfeed or bottle feed?” I was asked this question in the OB’s office around my sixth month of pregnancy, and my first response was a sigh. I had pondered this question almost from my baby’s conception, and thought I had come to the right conclusion. “I’m going to use formula.” The […]

I’m Proud of My Bad Parenting

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I am not a perfect mother. Most of the time, I am not even a great mother. This week, though, reading the news… I have come to the conclusion that I probably qualify for the Mommy of the Year Award. Just in this week alone, I have completely forgotten to pick up Girl Scout Cookies; […]

The Mixed Emotions of a Vasectomy

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The instant my kids lost their baby pudge – friends thought it was high time to ask, “Are you having more?” “We’re done.” Me shaking head. “Never say never,” was the answer. Or, “That’s what I said.” This from my neighbor, who patted the head of her third child, a newborn, and laughed at me. […]

Yes, My Kid is Retarded

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Go ahead. Call my kid retarded. I don’t mind. No, that’s not a challenge, go ahead call my kid retarded I DARE YOU. (And then WHAM! Off with your head!) It’s not a trick. It’s not. Really. It’s … an invitation. Retarded. We say that word while conjuring thoughts of kids who drool a little, […]

Blind Mom: Blindness No Impediment to Raising Children

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When the squirming, screaming bundle was laid on my chest, my heart swelled with a love I never imagined. This is my daughter. This is Rachel. I always wanted to be a mom. Before we married, my husband and I agreed we wanted a family. My blindness is not hereditary, so I was surprised by […]

Teach Your Kids to Swear!

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You know how good it feels to let out a resounding @#%$! Why should little Junior or Janie go without such relief? Swearing is fun, and it’s good for you! Health benefits include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of well being. Plus, there are no nasty side effects! Much of the problem […]

Screw Attachment Parenting, I’ll Take Detachment Parenting

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As a parent are you attached to your kids? Well, that seems to be kind of a silly question. Most, if not all, good parents are attached to their kids. It’s natural. You love them, you form a bond with them the minute you first look into their eyes and think to yourself, yes this […]

When My Boys Found a Frog, I Knew Its Death Was Imminent

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With boys, it is inevitable that on any given day, your house will become a museum for the many life forms that have been captured. I have tried to implement the rule that unless pre-approved, no creature is allowed into the sanctuary of our house. Of course, I unfortunately left the loophole that outside the […]