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Phobias: Motherhood Has Made Me Paranoid

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I tend to fear situations and experiences that are beyond my control. Of the many things I fear, which are not unique to me, but run the risk of being passed onto my children are: heights, flying, spiders, natural disasters, closed in spaces, the dentist, shots, roller coasters and cruise ships, just to name a […]

The Surprise Adoption: It Happened out of the Blue

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Okay, you’re probably thinking there’s no such thing as a surprise adoption. After all, in order to adopt you must do a variety of things that you can hardly do without meaning to. Things like showing caseworkers your home. Leaving your fingerprints at the local police station for posterity. Clearing out the bedroom you’ve been […]

My Son Broke His Arm on Vacation so We Ignored It

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There’s a code they must live by, boys, and that is if there’s a hotel bed jump on it. It isn’t their fault really because way back when they were in the womb and their brains were forming, the frontal lobe that controls reasoning and planning, that doesn’t complete its formation well into their twenties. So until then, they […]

My Horrible OB-GYN Experience

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Health has never been a big concern in my life. As a child, my mother chose to avoid the doctor because I literally fought the nurses tooth and nail. That was back when antibiotics were given by needle, not mouth. So, I sweated out the fevers, took a few aspirin and got over it. When […]

Five Reasons School Starting in August is Wrong

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School starts in August in many school districts across the country, and that’s just plain wrong. First of all, it’s usually not on a Monday. If administrators are going to start school in what is ostensibly only the third-quarter of summer, then the least they can do is do it on a Monday.  That way […]

My Maternal Instinct Didn’t Come Naturally

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Some people told me a certain “maternal instinct” would be born in me after I gave birth. It wasn’t. Perhaps it kicks in for some women, like a hormone surge, but that certainly wasn’t the case for me. Becoming a mother changed me profoundly in an abstract sense but not at all in a practical sense. […]

When a Daughter is Embarrassed by Her Lesbian Moms

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“You know what Miss Feldman told us today,” said a conspiratorial voice from the back seat. “She’s gay… EWWWW!!!” At the outset I have to say I have changed the names here to protect the guilty. The girl who made this pronouncement — let’s call her Maria, shall we? — was my daughter’s most recent […]

Play-Doh’s Untimely Death: Phallic Creations with Play-Doh

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We are gathered here today, to share our fond memories of Play-Doh and bid it a final farewell. Play-Doh has always been an integral part of our family’s home life. We spent many carefree days, sitting around the table, employing our dear Play-Doh in the art of mess-free sibling bonding. Our kids would spend hours, yes […]

Post Baby: I Wear My Swimsuit and Stretch Marks Proudly

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Even before giving birth neither I nor any of my closest friends had the sort of body that you would immediately think to display on a beach. The closest I personally came to “Bathing Suit Confidence” was the summer I was sixteen when I dared to buy and actually wear a black bikini with the […]

Yes, My Kids Always Get Sent to the Principal’s Office

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I’ve lost sleep for many nights now, waking up in the middle of the night, worried about the future of my teenage sons. Over the years, they have both had challenges with school, sometimes alternately, sometimes simultaneously, adding numerous grey hairs under my “natural” brown hair. After the 16-year-old leaves for school and I drop […]