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A Vacation by Myself, without Kids

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Over the summer, my husband decided that the trip to my family reunion, clear across the United States in Seattle, would best be taken by myself, without kids in tow, without husband in tow. I started off being less than enthusiastic about this suggestion. What if I just took our older son? I did this […]

My Son Broke His Arm on Vacation so We Ignored It

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There’s a code they must live by, boys, and that is if there’s a hotel bed jump on it. It isn’t their fault really because way back when they were in the womb and their brains were forming, the frontal lobe that controls reasoning and planning, that doesn’t complete its formation well into their twenties. So until then, they […]

Vacation Drama: Our Many Family Vacations from Hell

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Family vacations are as American as apple pie, and as seasonal as watermelon. As we bask in summer sun, warm weather and fun brought on long, lazy days, many Americans are embarking on the age-old family vacation. Last year Americans took 325.6 million leisure trips during June, July and August and 40% of the longest […]