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Humiliating Interview: Stay at Home Mom Applies for Job

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Dear Executive Recruiter at the Hospital Where I Applied for a Position: I know you mean well. Really, I do. I know that you probably have a protocol tucked away in some drawer that dictates how you proceed with the interview process. I also know that, based on those cute plastic frames on your desk […]

Teach Your Kids to Swear!

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You know how good it feels to let out a resounding @#%$! Why should little Junior or Janie go without such relief? Swearing is fun, and it’s good for you! Health benefits include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of well being. Plus, there are no nasty side effects! Much of the problem […]

Memo to Mama: A Toddler Lays Down Some Ground Rules

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M e m o r a n d u m TO: Mama RE: Me Let me get straight to my point, Mama. Until a couple of months ago, things have gone pretty smoothly in my life. I’m not going to lie; things could be better. Lately, you’ve been showing your mean face lately A LOT […]

Secret Agent Mom: Female Spies in Training

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There is a distinct chance that I may have stumbled upon something amazingly brilliant. Or it’s just my postpartum paranoia flaring up. Let’s just say I think I have uncovered a secret government operative called Project Secret Agent Mom, and before I have to go into hiding or I’m taken away in a seatless white […]

The Tournament of Moms: A Jeopardy Game Show Parody

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  Alex: Welcome to the special “Tournament of Moms” on Jeopardy this week. Well, at least we hope it can run all week . . . we didn’t find too many Moms who had any brain cells left, and of those who did, only a few could find someone to watch the kids for a […]

In Quest for Peace Mom Builds New Swing Set from Scratch

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As a parent, it’s my responsibility to teach my children about fairness, sharing, and taking turns. At least that’s what that child-rearing book says. But as someone who’s tired of hearing screaming, screeching, and incessant whining, my main concern is silence, no matter what it takes to achieve it, nor who has been denied justice […]

How to Kill a Spider like a Mom with Mad Skills

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My sons are constantly after me to remove spiders from their room. My preferred method is to use a glass to scoop the spider up and release him back into the cruel outdoor world of “kill or be killed”. However, until recently, I have not had an effective way to get spiders off of the ceiling. […]

A Good Goldfish Is a Dead Goldfish

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Death is a part of life. Sad, yet true. Four years ago the kids and I bundled up and headed to Wal-Mart, and with great merriment they pressed their faces up against the glass of the goldfish tank, oooing and ahhing at the half-dead offerings before them. I was oooing and ahhing, too, not at […]

Riding a Carnival Ride at My Age, Not a Good Idea

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Forget about trifocals, or sagging knees that lock each time I bend down to pick up the newspaper from the front steps every morning, or even being on a first name basis with my pharmacist (Hi, Wally!). He fills my prescriptions so often he swears he sees me more than he does his own kids. […]

Life’s Not Fair: A Valuable Lesson

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My son, Steven, comes out of the bathroom and finds me folding the wash. With his mouth open, his braces blocking my view, and his words garbled because he’s speaking with his finger pointing at something inside his mouth, he says, “See.” “See what?” “My tooth is gone,” he says. He reopens his mouth to […]