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Riding the School Bus

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Being a kid just isn’t easy. Ask any kid and learn the Class System is alive, well, and living within the school building walls. Despite parents and faculty desires otherwise, intelligence, wealth, athletic ability, and social status always seem to be the distinguishing factors in determining the stereotypical groups within the Class System. Everyone wants […]

The IP Guide to Parent/Teacher Conferences

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It’s that time of year again, the time when we get to take time from our busy schedules, sit in an undersized chair, and listen to a litany of complaints about our children. In our ongoing quest to help Imperfect Parents™ everywhere, we’ve compiled this handy list of responses for you to use at your […]

The Cult of Motherhood

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Photo: Pontus Edenberg I hate to be the one to break this to you, but we moms have more in common with Katie Holmes than we’d like to think. That’s right. Because when we popped out that kid, we got an automatic membership to a special cult of our very own. It’s called “THE NAP”. […]

Sleep, Exercise and Diet

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I decided last week that I was going to beat my kids to my energy. I was tired of dragging ass by 3 p.m. and I wanted a change. So I set out on a mission to learn the tips and techniques used by the "professional parents" to stay full of energy, stamina and vigor […]

The New OSHA Guidelines

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UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (OSHA) FROM: OSHA RE: STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP FOR WORKER SAFETY AND HEALTH GUIDELINES FOR DRIVERS OF FAMILY VEHICLES OSHA has identified drivers of minivans as a new at-risk group for injury. At the urging of the White House and the auto insurance industry, a team of […]

Beautiful People Make Better Mothers

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Elizabeth Hurley lost her baby weight faster than YOU did. Look! Pamela Anderson can give birth and blow her husband at the same time! Cindy Crawford looked better pushing her baby out than you looked at your wedding! Sarah Jessica Parker walked out of the maternity ward wearing Manolo Blahniks! Listen up, People, Us, paparazzi […]