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Elizabeth is a stay-at-home Mom (an oxymoron, really, since she is found in her minivan running errands more than she's at home) and enjoys writing about the trials and tribulations of raising 4 children, an rambunctious lab and killer dust bunnies. She has essays published with Nurturing Magazine, waxes poetic on her blog, This Full House, and newly launched family blog project, This Full House Kids, where the kids are given permission to "talk back." Liz enjoys writing about the stuff she likes, or hasn't managed to break, yet.

Mowing the Lawn is a Woman’s Job

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I have a confession to make…I love mowing the lawn. No, “mowing the lawn” is not some weird Mantra-type sexual position. I mean it literally — I love cutting the grass! We have a rather large piece of property with a nicely sized front yard and a backyard that is 300+ feet deep, as well […]

The Ides and Crooked Teeth of March

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According to the old saying, the month of March usually starts with cold, unpleasant weather, but ends mild and becomes much more agreeable – atmospherically speaking, of course. “We don’t have ANY days off from school in March!” Yes, it’s true, there are NO holidays requiring a day off from school in March (go ahead […]

Would You Be, Could You Be, My Neighbor?

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We live on a very busy street, used by commuters as a through-way between the train station and county road, so my husband Garth [not his real name] and I have always tried to remain vigilant about keeping the kids safely secluded in our very own big backyard. “Can So-and-So come over?” Did I mention, […]

Old Ghosts of Halloweens Past

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My kids love Halloween and start planning their respective costumes soon after the first day of summer vacation. “I’m going to be a dead cheerleader!” However, now that they’re getting older, I’m having a hard time finding the idea of having them dress up as a dead… anything… as being all that festive, really. “Okay, […]

Facing Unemployment in the Carpool Lane

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I remember when Labor Day simply meant being allowed to sleep in late and then watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon, all day, in our pajamas. I mean, it was only last year, right? This year, however, my kids started school early (before Labor Day) and it’s funny what a difference 4 days can make. “It […]

When Every Day is Independence Day

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On a late autumn day in 1956, a young man gazes out into the city streets and sees that the political turn of events have left the country reeling in uncertainty. There is a change coming for the young man; he feels it in the very air he breathes. Questions arise in his mind. What […]

In His and Her Shoes

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I grew up living with a couple of pack rats; my mother collects fine porcelains and dolls, while my father looks forward to getting a new watch, every year.  Without exaggeration, the man has a drawer full of every conceivable size, shape and style of time piece, pocket watch and a steam engine that whistles […]

I Remember Mama

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I remember when this picture was taken.  The year was 1971.  I was my youngest daughter’s age (she’s 7) although, I look a lot… you know… bigger.  My parents have tons of pictures like this.  This one’s in pretty bad shape, but I promised to go through and save as many of their photos, digitally, […]

Dirty Hands, Smart Mouth

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I come from a long line of agriculturists — my father was a landscaper, my grandfather and both my great-grandfathers were master gardeners to noble families in Europe – and I often tell my children that gardening is in their blood. "Ewww, get it out!" My 10-year-old son has this habit of taking things literally, […]

Pretty Good Housekeeping

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It’s that time of year, again. Yep, spring cleaning is just around the corner and at our house it is also used as a metaphor for enlightenment in unlocking the secrets of keeping peace and harmony in our home. You see, as far as I’m concerned, there are three types of cleaning house: 1)  Whenever […]