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Heather Summerville

Heather Summerville grew up as the middle child of three girls outside of Seattle, WA. She is trained as a classical ballerina, a fire-baton twirler, a beauty queen, and a Equestrian. Suprisingly, there is very little call for these skills in the "real world". Heather now lives in a small town in Oklahoma where she is a freelance writer who stays at home with three girls of her own, and tries to be a good mom. "I am great at games and entertainment... but it is the cleaning thing that gets me!"

Breaking up Monotony of Motherhood by Pretending

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When I was a child, I discovered a practical way to survive boring tasks. I would simply imagine myself somewhere else. While I constantly entertained myself, others were not amused. After each Grand Adventure, I would present my treasure (with its harrowing adventure) to the kind queen. Alas, the now villainous queen would not be […]