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Rachel Sarah's first book, Single Mom Seeking: Play Dates, Blind Dates, and Other Dispatches from the Dating World, will be out in January 2007 (Avalon/Seal Press). Her romance columns for J Magazine, San Francisco's Jewish weekly were recently (June '06) awarded a "Simon Rockower 2005 Award for Excellence in Jewish Journalism" by the American Jewish Press Association. Rachel's writing has appeared in Family Circle, Parenting, Tango, Ms., BabyCenter, and Christian Science Monitor. You can read more about her at

An Imperfect Single Mom Goes on a Disappointing Date

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I recently took a plunge into online dating for my first time — as a single mom. “I am a warm and generous single mom seeking a respectful and cooperative man who dreams big with both feet on the ground.” I’ve been raising my six-year-old single-handedly since she was an infant, after my boyfriend — […]