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Kelly Reising is the Beauty Editor of Mode Lifestyle Magazine, geared towards women in the direct sales industry. Her monthly column for is called “The Beauty Bite” and you can seek out even more of her advice at where she is an Expert Guru Author in Makeup. Her first book, Lifetips 101 Makeup Tips will be available on and at Barnes& This former makeup artist and mother of two girls knows that while her day may not be perfect, at least her lip gloss will be.

Screw Attachment Parenting, I’ll Take Detachment Parenting

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As a parent are you attached to your kids? Well, that seems to be kind of a silly question. Most, if not all, good parents are attached to their kids. It’s natural. You love them, you form a bond with them the minute you first look into their eyes and think to yourself, yes this […]

Tips for a Valentine’s Day date night makeover.

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I want to look amazing for a Valentine’s Day evening out with my husband, I think he has forgotten what I look like without grey sweatpants and a ponytail! How do I knock his socks off with a glamorous look? You need to pull out all the stops right? Here is what you have to […]

Writing the book on makeup; Halloween makeup for kids; Removing temporary tattoos

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It’s officially October people. And ya know what I just did? Painted my toes black. Well, not actually black, but Russian Navy from OPI. It’s a dark sparking (subtle) navy color that looks almost purple-black in the bottle. I love it. Thank goodness for fall, and dark toes. Seriously. I was tired of punchy orange […]

NYC Beauty & Style: A Shopping Tour of the City in 64,937 Steps.

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(Yes, I have a pedometer to prove it.) Here I am at one of the Sheratons in New York City. I chose to stay here because the Sheraton reminds me fondly of my childhood. It might have been the fact that in my house we had Sheraton logo adorned towels in our bathroom (my parents […]

Makeup and Sex — Whatever Makes You Blush

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I have to say, my column this week is inspired by my friend Kristen of Mominatrix fame. This idea came to me while I was doing her radio show in Chicago at Blogher 07. We attempted to relate sex to beauty products, and all we came up with was a skincare tie-in: Semen Face Mask. […]

BlogHer ’07 – Beauty & Style Wrapup

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My oldest daughter told me today, when I was doing her doll’s hair, in elaborate pin curls, that “Wow, Mom, you are quite a fashionista!” Where did she even hear that term? I thought to myself that my kid is a chip off the old block all right. She pretty much summed it up. I […]

Dealing with an unexpected short haircut and summer hair care tips.

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I went to my stylist, and wanted a trim. I did not get a trim. It’s beyond short at the moment. The poor girl actually cut my neck with her scissors.  People say it looks cute, but I am a little freaked. My makeup isn’t looking right at the moment. What can I do to […]

Getting ready in a hurry.

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No time! No Time! There’s never any time! Remember that scene from "Mommie Dearest" when Faye Dunaway, who was brilliant as Joan Crawford by the way, is screaming bloody murder at her oldest daughter about not having enough time for everything? Don’t you sometimes feel like there is just not enough time in the day […]

My bikini line is on fire! Also, lip gloss hating husbands and fresh fragrance fun

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I have a serious problem. My bikini line is on fire! I have to shave everyday in order to be bathing suit presentable, and for some reason I keep getting horrible razor burn. What can I do? The easiest solution would be to find one of those granny suits with a skirt that hangs down […]

A coffee fix without the caffeine; lipstick news

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I love coffee…love it, love it, love it, love it. Now that I am pregnant with my second child, how can I get my coffee fix without actually drinking any of it? Ah, the smell and taste of a cup of coffee. I love it, too. You just can’t beat a fresh-brewed cup of coffee […]