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Felice Prager

Felice Prager is a freelance writer from Scottsdale, Arizona with credits in local, national, and international publications. In addition to writing, she also works with adults and children who have moderate to severe learning disabilities as a multisensory educational therapist.

Life’s Not Fair: A Valuable Lesson

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My son, Steven, comes out of the bathroom and finds me folding the wash. With his mouth open, his braces blocking my view, and his words garbled because he’s speaking with his finger pointing at something inside his mouth, he says, “See.” “See what?” “My tooth is gone,” he says. He reopens his mouth to […]

Exploding Rats

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Two days ago, my seventeen-year-old son, who lives in a state of bedroom chaos and confusion, decided, on his own, without prodding from me, to clean his room. Jeff started by taking the doors off his sliding-door closet so he could move more freely around his room while reorganizing his disorganization. The doors were moved […]