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Misty Nuckolls currently resides in Lawrence, KS, with one of the few good men left in America and their daughter who at this moment is most likely drawing on a cat. With washable marker, mind you--they're not heathens. Check out Misty's blog on

It’s Complicated: Being Pro-Choice but Anti-Abortion

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So here I am, finally writing about the A-word. Oh, I’ve written about it plenty before, in my usual callous, there-are-too-many-goddamn-mouths-on-the-planet-to-begin-with vein. But that was before. Not before I became pregnant. I was pregnant once before, at eighteen. I didn’t know it until I lost it. I mourned that baby, even though I probably wouldn’t […]

I Think My Neighbor’s Kid Is a Legit Psychopath

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Not exactly how you want to start out a conversation with your neighbors, is it? But I’m going to have to figure out some way to explain to them why I won’t allow my daughter to play with their five kids any more. Really, it’s just the one, the four-year-old boy. We’ll call him Damien, […]

Dear Trey

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A few months ago, my husband Trey and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. I know that doesn’t sound like such hot shit to a lot of you, but for someone who never imagined herself married at all (or at least not to someone who wasn’t a billionaire octogenarian), it’s a big fucking deal. So […]

Here’s To The Rest of Us

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I hate Hallmark holidays. They suck. My husband and I never observe Valentine’s day, which, if you listen to our respective co-workers and friends, makes him an insensitive cad and me just barely this side of battered. I say fuck ’em. He brings me bouquets of roses and tabasco-spiced Slim Jims for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON […]