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Victoria Clayton Munn

Victoria Clayton Munn is a twentysomething stay at home mom and freelance writer who daily takes care of one glorious infant daughter. Victoria is bilingual, speaking both adult and baby babble, as well as being well-trained in the handling of natural disasters (well, diaper related ones).

Only Child: Why We Only Want One

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I am the mother of one perfect daughter. She’s pretty, sweet, intelligent and a handful. My little girl just had her first birthday, and I can’t imagine a happier occasion — celebrating a year of being the mother to the most incredible being this world has known. Unfortunately, my joy in being a mom is […]

I Chose to Formula Feed, It’s My Right

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“Are you planning to breastfeed or bottle feed?” I was asked this question in the OB’s office around my sixth month of pregnancy, and my first response was a sigh. I had pondered this question almost from my baby’s conception, and thought I had come to the right conclusion. “I’m going to use formula.” The […]