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Kim Montes

When she's not being the mom, Kim Montes studies, reads and loves to travel. Kim and her family live on the fringes of suburbia in the Lone Star State.

Moms Need to Learn How to Just Say No

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The request was simple. My 9-year-old daughter wanted the latest toy and asked if I would buy it. After a few minutes of consideration, I launched into the answer. “Sweetheart, it’s really not a good idea. You’ll see – everyone wants one now, but in a few weeks it will be something else.” I predicted […]

Being the Mom

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My youngest daughters were playing dress-up one day and I overheard a familiar conversation. “Why do I always have to be the boy? I want to be the princess!” the eldest demanded. “Well, I have to be the princess because princesses always have long hair like mine,” the youngest replied, as she batted her lashes […]