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Jennifer Magnuson

Jennifer Magnuson is a full-time parent to a brood of three, guardian to cats, dogs, chickens and more, and has been married since the dawn of time. She is a regular columnist for Sanity Central, and has written for several feminist publications. She attended the University of Oregon and Portland State University and holds a B.A. in Sociology, as well as extensive post-graduate training in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault. Jennifer enjoys sarcastic comments at inappropriate times, the power of Lycra and neighbors who come over with a wheel of brie and a bottle of wine at three in the afternoon. She’s working on her book, Livin’ In My Head, due out as soon as a major publishing house offers her a six-figure advance, which should happen any day now.

Humiliating Interview: Stay at Home Mom Applies for Job

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Dear Executive Recruiter at the Hospital Where I Applied for a Position: I know you mean well. Really, I do. I know that you probably have a protocol tucked away in some drawer that dictates how you proceed with the interview process. I also know that, based on those cute plastic frames on your desk […]