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Misty Karam

Misty Karam is a freelance writer in Katy, Texas. She is home schooling her three daughters, and is mostly learning by trial and error. Misty writes about parenting, home schooling, breastfeeding, and other topics important to the family. She is the site editor of LoveToKnow Kids.

Really Stupid Neighbors Are Convinced My Cat Gave Their Kid Rabies

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Really Stupid Neighbors Convinced My Cat Gave Their Kid Rabies

So, the saga of our severely fucked-up neighbor family continues. A couple of days ago, they knock on our door, grubby two-year-old in tow. The kids say he was scratched by our cat, and they’re taking him to the doctor for it. Yeah. It gets better. After they get home from their pediatrician’s office, they […]

Helping my Deaf Daughter find her Identity

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Our youngest daughter stands at the door, knocking loudly. She raises her eyebrows and points to her ear, letting us know that she hears the banging of tiny fist on wood. Her serious expression lets us know that something colossal is about to happen. “Ooopen!” she shouts, and her smile lights up the room. Clapping […]