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Second Time Around

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I’m pregnant again. This comes at a time when I’m not quite sure that I even know what I’m doing with the first one, who is 19 months old. I can’t believe that I actually planned this when now as I sit on the couch sick to my stomach it feels like the last possible […]

Co-Sleep or No Sleep

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Inspired by amendments made by Dr. Ferber in regards to his sleep philosophy, on December 29, 2005, the Styles section of the New York Times ran an article by Amy Harmon in which many co-sleepers voluntarily outed themselves. I myself, felt vindicated. I had actually gotten to the point where I could say to just about […]

That Mom

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I have so completely become "that woman", "that mom." "That mom" who used to inspire my eyes to roll in disgust at how she could possibly let her little angel roll around on the floor of a department store or touch the unbought merchandise with his tiny, dirty hands as she waits in line staring […]

The Barney Question

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I have recently found myself in defense of Barney. It is a position I really do not care for nor had ever envisioned taking. Yet I find myself saying things like, “well, he does teach the kids manners.” Maybe it’s out of complete insecurity because yes (gasp!), I actually let my 18-month-old daughter watch the […]