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Natasha Johnson

Mother of two living in Minnesota, just trying to survive.

I’m Always Yelling at My Kids

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In my twenties, there were days – maybe weeks — that went by where I never spoke much or even raised my voice. I had the comforting presence of a twelve-year-old girl walking quietly to church to sing in the choir. Now I am this: DON’T TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF! DON’T HOLD THE CAT BY […]

We’re Homeless: My Third Child Will Be Put up for Adoption

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I’ve cried myself to sleep every night for months, wondering if my children will ever forgive me. Wondering if I’ll ever forgive myself. The decision wasn’t easy, and I still try to balance the good vs. bad reasons for making it. I still have time; I won’t give birth for at least another week. It’s […]

My Pregnant Lungs

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Photo: Peter Baxter I’ve gotten to know my lungs pretty personally in this last, ninth month.  Before pregnancy I really had no relationship with my lungs.  But since the baby has pushed his feet into the north end of what had always been lung occupied territory, the lungs are tapping on my lower esophagus, trying […]

You Can’t Take It With You

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Photo: Jaimie D. Travis “Can I take this to school today?” Nathan has a purple beach bucket loaded with a flashlight, a Sponge Bob wallet, stuffed with fake money and old credit cards, three rocks and some crackers. This is how it started. First it was crying at school. Now he wants to take everything […]

Dating the Preschool Parents

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Photo: Stephanie Phillips I wanted my son Nathan to have friends. Whom he likes, I must like. Nathan would do anything to have Michael play with him. His version of trying to play with Michael is to stand next to me and hold my leg. But I know how desperate he is. If it’s Michael’s […]