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Jessica Carlson

Jessica is one of the co-creators of Imperfect Parent and contributor to the book anthology "The Imperfect Mom: Candid Confessions of Mothers Living in the Real World". Jessica is a mother of two boys, and is very tired.

A Vacation by Myself, without Kids

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Over the summer, my husband decided that the trip to my family reunion, clear across the United States in Seattle, would best be taken by myself, without kids in tow, without husband in tow. I started off being less than enthusiastic about this suggestion. What if I just took our older son? I did this […]

5 Things You Need to Do to Prepare for Back to School

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Even though it’s still blistering hot out, the first day of school is going to sneak up on you before you know it. Here’s the Imperfect Parent’s top 5 things to remember to get ready for back to school, and the end of summer vacation madness: 1. Register If you haven’t done so already, it’s […]

Phobias: Motherhood Has Made Me Paranoid

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I tend to fear situations and experiences that are beyond my control. Of the many things I fear, which are not unique to me, but run the risk of being passed onto my children are: heights, flying, spiders, natural disasters, closed in spaces, the dentist, shots, roller coasters and cruise ships, just to name a […]

Q: How Bad Do Mammograms Hurt? A: They Hurt like Hell

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I had my first mammogram yesterday. After it was done, I ran though a mental checklist of things that would have been much more pleasant — chewing glass, having a toe amputated, sticking a needle in my eye, eating goose poop. These came to me in a steady stream as I winced and said, “Ow. Ow. […]

Asperger Son’s First Friend Completely Freaks Me Out

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My husband and I decided to throw our son his first birthday party at age 5 — the first official birthday party we’d thrown for him, not because we didn’t want to, but because it’s the first time that he really got it. See, a year prior, he was diagnosed with “Aspergers with Hyperlexia”, which […]

7 Really Annoying Mom-isms

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Okay, so not the world’s most original post — since I’ve never written a post like it before, preferring instead to bitch about it to my husband whose typical response is, “Oh, I know!” I’m goin’ for it. So, here it is. The top seven most annoying phrases that silly moms say which I can […]

A Jealous Brother’s Maturation

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Could I really blame my oldest son for resenting us for bringing home this wrinkled crying alien, who happens to look at lot like W.C .Fields? After all, my son was used to having us to himself, and we did talk the whole “little brother” event up and made it seem like more of a carnival […]

Worldwide Pandemic: Who Would Be Saved First?

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If a worldwide pandemic occurs, the order in which people are deemed to be important enough to save or to whom experts submitted an ethical obligation is tricky and difficult. The protocol is revisited revised by the World Heath Organization and the United States government every two years. Prioritization is categorized by tiers, according to the determination is based […]

Damn the excuses.

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Damn the excuses, this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend I was determined to get a project done that I had been putting off for years. With the gift giving season rapidly approaching, it was time to organize the mess in the basement which once held promise and hope of a charming, model home play room, now […]

I wanted to give birth to a teenager.

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Ten little toesey-woesies and finger-wingers. That baby smell and the smallish clothes. Save it for baby huggers and those who flip into an embarrassing baby-entertaining persona, which comes with contorted faces and high pitch squeals. I was born to breed teenagers. Although I love my little guys and each stage has had its slightly redeeming […]